Monday, June 27, 2016

#103 "Guinea Pigs & Hugs from Budists"

Two weeks left to go HAM.

Wow. A week of weeks. Not sure why I'm so blessed and lucky to be here doing this. Had a ton of success and victories this week. in the Affluent and poorer areas. It's been amazing. Elder Swindlehurst and I just go to sleep in awe every night after the insane amount of miracles that we see every single day. I almost hate that at the end of my mission I'm learning the most. I guess maybe that's just how it goes.

We've been the guinea pigs for testing out different modes of missionary work, one of those being riding a train called the Gautrain. We spent almost all of Saturday zipping back and forth all around Gauteng, and had insane success. 

Anyways I can't really write much. Maybe my mom will copy & paste some of my journal into my blog, which would be cooler than reading this. I'm just overwhelmed that it's coming to an end soon. Like I talk and act and eat and live like a South African. I feel like I've lived here forever. I'm going to miss more than anything wearing a badge and telling people about the gospel and about Jesus Christ and how he can help them. I love it so soo so much, and I feel that it will be a quest to find anything comparable in meaning when I live this sacred Continent. One last thought;

There are approximately 107,000,000,000 mortals who have lived on this planet. (Emphasis on THIS planet) Crazy to me that the Savior suffered for each one of them, as well as others. all the children of God. Thought blew my mind this week. And he suffered for them with a mortalized capacity, only using His Godhood to not allow his tormented spirit to leave his body. Woaa. That's an accumulation of a lot of bad days, broken relationships, mental disorders, and tear-filled nights. 

Well, I love all of you guys so much. Thanks for being my friend. 

Elder Clegg

As the FIT elders, they write up each "good" contact they have and then pass it onto the elders in that area.  They spend the days contacting.  They write up reports each night.  Here's a "glimpse" into their experience:

Day Summary:
Elder Clegg and Elder McCartney
Wow, this has been my best day since the start of the FIT experience. We started by arriving in Rynfield on Thursday night, and sleeping over into Friday morning. Their flat was a bit dirty, and they weren’t super diligent when it came to study time. But it ended up being a really great day.
We started with district meeting at 11:30, and after participating in an awesome lesson prepared by Elder Reynolds Sr., we grabbed some lunch and then went to work.
We started by all four of us going to Northmead Mall, and I’m not going to lie, it was a rough start. We experienced a lot of rejection in the parking lot, and as we moved into the mall, we were bluntly asked to leave. So we left, and I was feeling kind of apprehensive and down and thinking ‘it’s impossible to do missionary work here’. Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Nielsen were at a different part of the mall, so they remained there as we went to a different location: The Rynfield Terrace, comprising of several small businesses with a central-feature being a Super Spar. We prayed, and went to work. An interesting side-note - we didn’t pray at the first location that we attacked.
The next two hours were some of the best two of my mission, and even my life. We had absolutely unreal success, met so many affluent & Elect Father-led Families. I can’t put it into words through this keyboard how many amazing and prepared people we met. I guess the only thing I can describe the experience with is the scene of Elder McCartney walking over to me with tears rolling down his face saying ‘I was sent to South Africa to talk with that guy.’ It was so powerful, for me and for him, and undoubtedly they will have some amazing investigators from that in the form of young, open-minded FLF’s, including a young white couple (22) who have been married for 9 months and would love to know how their marriage can be eternal. Straight Kingdom-builders. We, for the most part, used the family angle and connected it with the Book of Mormon as evidence that God’s plan for families to be happy has been restored, or vice-versa. It seemed to work like a charm. On more than one occasion I received the comment ‘for some reason this sounds so familiar to me.’
After unprecedented success at Spar, we went to a new and developing neighbourhood in Crystal Park that families are starting to move into. It seemed like a total gold-mine. At the first door we knocked on sat a powerful member from Tembisa, with his local friends. So that was a cool experience, and we picked up some potential investigators. After that, on literally the next door, we went up and knocked, and the sweetest, purest lady answered. I said something that I wouldn’t normally say on a door approach. I said ‘We’ve come to your house today with a message from God for you..’ and right after I said that, as I was trying to figure out what to say next, she said ‘Can you please come in?’
It was so legit, she was so sweet, and is potentially a Father-led. Her husband wasn’t quite home yet, so we had to schedule another appointment for tomorrow. She’s a nurse, and isn’t only prepared to save lives, but prepared to have her life saved.
After an hour or so of tracting this awesome neighbourhood, with one or two more return-appointments scheduled, we then went to the Sasol Garage just off of the Putfontein Road exit off the N12, close to the Rynfield Stake Centre. Elder McCartney noted that every evening around 5 or 6 there was a huge backlog of traffic coming off the freeway there, so we armed ourselves with the #Hallelujah cards and pamphlets and basically all of our remaining supplies, and in the words of Elder McCartney, we went HAM. It was so awesome! Running up and down under the starry night sky, trying to smile big enough to get these people to roll down their windows, and many of them did! And many of them were touched, and mentioned phrases such as: ‘I’ve been wanting to know about the Mormons!’ It was so cool, and we were able to tell everyone about the church. I almost wish we could’ve had a customized pass-along card with the chapel address and service times printed on it. It was just a super powerful experience, and we were having the time of our lives, and we even met a bunch of local members, including the Bishop, who drove by and gave us the ‘thumbs up’ of approval as we were working the road. We literally ran out of pass along cards and pamphlets. It was funny, if one car took something, the car behind it almost inevitably took something too. So if you could get one guy to roll down his window, a line of 20 cars would follow suit.
After this, we went and concluded the night at the Sasol Garage right there, oblivious that we still had even MORE spiritual experiences awaiting us. For the first time ever I talked to this Bible scholar guy and his girlfriend (in their early 20’s) who knew about a distinction between the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, and asked if I held them. They were super intrigued with the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.
I talked to this white guy, who was the nicest guy ever. He happened to want a copy of the Book of Mormon super bad, even though we had just run out. So we asked him where he lives, and it turns out he lives in Discovery, two blocks away from the chapel. A straight-gold referral for the Florida Elders to add to their collection. So cool.
The very last contact of the night was a paramount one. I was talking to this super cool girl from Daveyton, and some Afrikaaner in his bokkie pulled up right behind me and was asked me if we had any pamphlets that he and his wife could read. I was almost as surprised as Elder McCartney was. The guy didn’t want to disrupt my conversation with the lady, so he told us that he would park and wait for us.
After landing that referral for Daveyton, I then went to the guy and his wife. They were inevitably prepared by Heavenly Father Himself. They talked about how they just really need help in their life. They can’t seem to find the church that satisfies their needs, and they just are missing something in their lives. They literally said those words to me. They say that their family is crumbling, they don’t know what to do, and they need God in their lives right now. They went on to say they’ve driven past the church before, but they were apprehensive to come in, because everyone was dressed in suits, and he was scared to get judged. The missionaries have a teaching appointment scheduled with them this Sunday at 15h00. I pray for them. Truly, the PMG line was fulfilled: "He will lead you to them, or He will lead them to you." What a remarkable day. It makes me sad that I only have 20 or so more of these left. I really feel like we’re on a mission, and I think the Elders we’re with each day feel that too. I’ve never seen Elder McCartney so fiery and zealous. He was so grateful for the day we had, and it seemed to really kindle his faith, and mine as well.



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