Monday, May 23, 2016

#98 "What are these White Guys doing at my house?"

Elder Tanner Todd & Tanner Clegg, Lehi HIgh School 2014

Hey guys,

Hectic week. Every week with 3 exchanges is always an adventure. I feel like last Monday was an eternity ago. But the days and weeks are flying nonetheless. I've grown to love going on exchanges, I've been blessed to go on two or more every week for a while. Just to see all these other guys miles from home doing there best because they believe it's true.

Anyways, exchanged with E Di Ruscio from Italy on Tuesday. I was able to go back to my old area Krugersdorp, it was good to be back in the land of the Afrikaaners. Wednesday I brought Elder Hentunen, our Finnish veteran to North Riding, had a great day with him, and on Friday I went to Germiston with E Stevenson, who lives like 5 minutes away from me and graduated from Lone Peak in 2015. Maybe some of you guys know the lil guy.

I'll try to attatch some pictures.

Anyways, to finish the week on an even higher note; We were able to go back to the Johannesburg chapel and baptize the Machaba family, a family Elder Pickup and I taught in one of the high-rising sketch-ghettho appartments of Hillbrow. It was so awesome, I'll put some pics. The water was FREEZING cold. And this family is from Limpopo where it is RAGING hot. And so it was a bit rough. I baptized the father and the son, and my comp did the mom and the daughter, but as soon as the 9 year old daughter's bigtoe made contact with the water, it sounded like Bafana Bafana had scored a last-minute game-winning goal againsed Nigeria. She was FANATIC, and we tried to coax her to go into the water for like an hour and a half, but it didn't quite happen.
Machaba Family
Anyways, the baptism was great. And the father gave his testimony at the end. He send something along the lines of "One day, when I was coming home from work, I walked into my house and I saw some white guys sitting with my wife and kids. in HILLBROW, and I was thinking to myself 'what the heck are these white guys doing here?' and then my wife started going to that church for two consecutive weeks, instead of just one week. Because I was used to her picking a new church every week. And then I was like 'eish this church is seriaas', and then the white guys came again the next week and I was like 'Oh no, God is getting SERIOUS with me now'. And so the missionaries at the end of the lesson asked me to come to church, and I told them that they'd see me there, and my wife was like 'HOW MADOTA' (NO WAYS), and she didn't believe me. And then the white guys kept coming and I kept coming to church.." and the rest is history.

The whole congregation was rolling on the ground. But it was just amazing to see another powerful family come into the kingdom. Even though the water was cold.
"What you do when you get kicked out of malls"
Alright, I love you guys. This next week is transfer week so I might not be able to write a ton, but I'll try my best. Also I met an American black guy from San Francisco. I tried to speak zulu to him and he was totally clueless. He was like the first guy ever at first glance to know that I was a mormon from Utah.

E Tanner Noah Clegg

In case you are interested. here is an excerp from Tanner's journal when he was at Dominoes on Saturday night:

We finished our lessons for the day and grabbed some pizza at domino’s. Funy, there’s a dominos in my area. Weird being in 1st world after coming from 3rd world.. It seems I’ve dealt with both of the extremes.

Anyways, while waiting in line and waiting for our pizza, I was able to strike up a really positive conversation with this guy from Durban. I just talked about all kinds of stuff for like 10 minutes with him, he’s super smart, educated white guy, just a cool father who was willing to entertain a conversation with this stupid American kid.  On his way out I gave him a Book of Mormon, and I felt super super good about it. Wasn’t able to get his contacts, but I was still happy.

As I was talking to him, I mentioned that I was from Utah, and then after that guy left with his BoM, a black guy behind me was like ‘I knew you were from Utah’..

And anyways I got in this long conversation with this other rich black guy who I quickly realized was from America due to the lack of his Zulu vocabulary. He’s from San Francisco, the bay area, and has an IT business that’s taking off in SA. So I was able to talk with him for forever and gave him a book of Mormon, and really connected well, and was super happy. While I was talking to him about America and stuff and how weird it is in South Africa, I was asking him stuff like ‘Do you feel safer in downtown LA or Joburg?’ And he was like “LA!”

Anyways, after I talked with the American guy, who graciously took the book but didn’t want us to come, he left, our pizza came, my comp grab it, and we went to leave, and it’s like.. I couldn’t control myself for a second. The spirit took over, and I let it,, and despite my fears I opened my mouth and talked to the college girl behind me in line.  

Anyways, I had put three book of Mormons in my bag, and I gave her the third one, and had an amazing conversation with her. Anyways, I feel that she was one of the people I was sent here to talk to. She didn’t want us to come, she wanted to investiagate it herself first. She’s from a place called ‘Greenpark’ or something in Durban. And is working in Rumsig, and commutes on the weekend. Anyways, she was awesome, and after talking to her, I walked back to the car on a spiritual high.

I thought of God, and I felt the spirit confirm to me that he was proud of me, and happy that I had endured persecution to do that. And it was as if for a moment, my mind was opened up to a later day, and I could see me embracing those three people one at a time, welcoming them into the Celestial Kingdom.. and it was probably just a conjuration of an over-creative mind, but I felt the spirit. And felt that I’d be deeply connected with those three individuals for eternity. I felt I should put three BofM’s in my bag,  and there were three people.. Idk, It was cool though and I thought a lot about it and found happiness and comfort in it.

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