Sunday, May 1, 2016

#94 Just some pics

Hello to my new area!
Goodbye on date FLF!
Tanner didn't write a letter today, just sent some pics:

African Froth

Sister Dunn has an amazing blog.  She has a bunch of pictures from week to week and I always pull the pictures of Tanner from it for my personal files.  Here are some of those pictures from meetings and various activities:

Picture at the temple

Tanner's friend Elder Quigley

Tandisonner's Companion from Italy (on his way home)

Current Companion Elder Pickup

Elder Widdison
Goodbye to Elder Quigley

Goodbye to Elder Nicotra

Yummy food at the misison home

Missionary Orientation

Teaching how to fix a flat

Eating delicious food

Mission Leadership once a transfer

Taking pictures near the temple

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