Monday, April 18, 2016

#93 "Surprise"

I don't even know what a Pday is anymore.
Transfer week=a rough week. But we got it figured out.

Well the world turned upside down a little bit a couple hours ago when President Dunn called us in and said that we'd have to be pulled out of Johannesburg due to some security issues. Tough news to hear, especially after all the success we've been enjoying and all the receptive university students lining the streets and just the overall coolness of being in the biggest and craziest city South of Cairo. I really love that city and will always cherish those weeks I was privledged to serve there. Privledged to be so close with those devout members and some of the most elect under heaven. Pulling the slums out of people.

We've been assigned to whitewash Northriding, a more englishy- upper class area that has been really slow for the past several transfers. So it's gonna be a challenge, especially after transitioning from all our super prepared friends we were meeting with in Joburg. And all the college campuses and sketchy streets and not to mention the Temple in your area.

But I'm sure it's inspired and it's for the greater good. At least there's not as many rules and regulations and procedures etc. etc... That assignment plus all the other workload we pull is going to be an adventure. I look forward to the journey.

It is kind of a setback, but I've learned to just take a couple of steps of faith and the light leaks in.  

Anyways, I'm short on words this week. Like basically every other week. I apologize for that. I really wish I was able to write more. I love you guys. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to me. I totally mean that. Thanks so much for all the care and love.

Elder Clegg

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