Monday, March 28, 2016

#90 "Happy Easter"

Hey guys, happy easter. I really hope you enjoyed the season.

This week was absolutely insane. Like an en-terrage of things happened and we were riding from this side of the mission to that side of the mission non-stop this week. Like a million trips to the airport and a million problems to deal with.

But it was a great week nontheless, Had some great exchanges, some great Johannesburg adventures. Heavenly Father is truly providing the way for us to teach His children the gospel despite the current circumstances we are in with all our restrictions and rules and things. It's really quite amazing to sit back and watch. Like it's 100% Him, and I'm starting to see that.

Anyways we attended a zone meeting down in the Vaal this week, and Elder Acey said some things that made me think a lot. 

He talked about being like a child; Having childlike humility. He showed us two pictures, this is the first one:

This is a picture of the little boy Jesus, learning how to pray with his earthly mother, Mary. You see his humility and submissiveness, His willingness to do what His mother told Him to. His pre-mature belief in Diety- maybe somewhat naive to the fact that His special soul fell into that divine category.

Then he showed us another picture:

The same Jesus, with the same childlike humility. Humility that would carry him into the deepest of human despair. Abolishing any apathy betwixt God and humankind. Certainly not a child anymore, certainly a man of unmeasurable intelligence and spiritual stature, as he 'grew and waxed strong'. But with the same genuine childlike qualities.

Anyways I thought that was cool.

Sorry I don't have many cool stories to tell this week. My mind is honestly for the most part blank. I love you guys, hope that you loved your Easter. 

We had a sweet baptism on Sunday, added two of the already 150 pakistani members of the Church into the Kingdom. Ashfaq and his wife Nazia. I'll try to attatch a picture. Super cool experience. Love you guys.


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