Monday, March 7, 2016

#87 "Fish in a glass bowl"

Hey guys, it's been arguably one of the most obscure weeks I've ever had on mission. It's just been super... different.

Like because it's been ages since missionaries have been permitted to go into Johannesburg, we have like a ton of rules. We aren't allowed to get out of our car unless we have a native with us who knows the streets and can recognize sketchy areas and situations, and so we run into problems when we can't find anyone to come with us. I feel like fish in a glass bowl in the middle of the ocean full of other fishes. So it's just.. super hard. Because you don't feel like you're doing your job. You can't roll down your windows or unlock your door or anything so it's stinking driving me crazy!

While sitting in the Johannesburg temple this week, my eyes connected on a particular verse. Jesus Christ revealed this statement through the prophet Joseph Smith:

"Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and 
know that I am God."

It was kind of like an answer to prayers. God still does His work despite any outside forces and circumstances.
 "Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame.. and may I add 'tsotsies may opress'"

He takes care of His children. They are His children, not mine. He is God, not me. He is stable and steadfast and knows everything.

Anyways that on top of a bunch of new responsibilities has turned my world upside down, it's just been such a learning experience and I just don't really feel like.. a normal missionary you know.
But the good news is, that even when you cannot formulate the words that describe what you're going through, God knows perfectly. He has known your spirit forever. He shaped and designed and gave you your mind. So he hears the prayers that we can't even say with words, because he is perfect.

Alright, well I love you guys, I hope to hear from some of you. Have a great week! Remember South Africa in your prayers. If I get brave enough this next week maybe there will be some pictures.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

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