Monday, February 29, 2016

#86 eish guys pray for

Lol when investigators keep asking you for more and more book of mormons and you ask them why and they're like 'Because the pages are perfect for rolling joints.'

Alright, well guys I really need your prayers because I just got transfered to my dream area, and it happens to be the sketchiest area in the entire continent; Johannesburg Central. Covering the suberbs of Hillbrough and CBD. So I could definietly use your prayers. I'm beyond stoked for this new area, and can't wait to write more about it next week.

Anyways on Tuesday we were able to finally watch the world-wide missionary training broadcast thing which was super tight, I almost laughed out loud when the guy conducting was like 'People are watching this live in South America and Europe and people in Japan and Tawiaan will be watching this when they finish sleeping'.

What he failed to mention was 'and two months down the line our missionaries in Africa will FINALLY get to watch this.'

Anyways, I will dearly miss my area of springs, and all the amazing friendships I"ve been priledged enough to acquire here. I love you guys, Hope you have a great week.
Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

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