Monday, February 15, 2016

#84 What is Valentines?

Hey guys, I've tried to make it a point to write something today, even though like basically nothing is coming to mind. Sometimes the mission just turns into a blur and you can't remember anything. I wish that you could just be here and see this place, there's no way you can describe in words the length and breadth of South Africa, it's like the most unique and diverse place in the world. Like literally sitting here right now and looking around this hole-in-the-wall run-down email shop in down-town springs, I can count people of at least 10 different nationalities, and the cool thing is that I'm the only American around. You just learn a lot about your self when you are surrounded with people who are very unlike your self. 

The cool thing I've learned from coming to this place, is that all people have some kind of common thread that unites them together, there is a certain twinkle within the eye of every living soul, and though it's somewhat dimmed, it's cool to see that all people are people, Although we all speak different languages and come from different backgrounds and practise different cultures, and look different and have different views, we are all just the same, children of God, who rely on the same Holy Child of Nazareth. There are millions and millions of seemingly unknown and meaningless people, who survive day to day, who breathe and eat and sleep and exist, who are unknown by the world, searching for some kind of hope or hapiness. Some kind of self-contentment, satisfaction, or fufillment or hope in providing some kind of future and hapiness to them and their loved ones, whether it's just living another day, or seeing another smile.

Interesting that they are all known by the Savior, and that poorest, dirtiest boy from a remote township will have opportunity to recieve the same measure of Glory in exaltation as a modern-day ordained 'prophet, seer, and revelator'. 

It just blows my mind every day that God tracks the progress of the humblest, poorest, and most future-less of men under heaven. How in his own way he reveals to them hapiness and truth, and somehow reaches to each one of them in His own perfect way. To every person who ever has or ever will walk this earth, he watches and helps them personally. They have a place in the heart of the Prince of Light.

Anyways, I'm out of time, and don't remember anything lol. I love you guys. Please have a great week. Keep me in your prayers.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

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