Monday, February 1, 2016

#82 "ITALY"

Found Lehi in Africa.  Elder Parker Eastmond from Lehi.

Sorry I haven’t been able to write much lately. There’s so much to do.. I haven’t even been able to write in my journal to remember anything.

I’ve been battling through sicknesses this whole week, but luckily I’ve been well enough to keep going, and keep seeing miraculous experiences.

Yesterday we were privileged to witness the baptism of my good friend, Pat. Let me tell you a little bit about her;

Rewind twenty five years to Park Station, Johannesburg CBD (central). Pat meets a couple Mormon missionaries and receives an obscure blue book.

In the meantime between then and now, Pat has embarked on the search of eternity; To find the Truth. She’s visited and examined the renowned pastors of Nigeria, searched denominations upon denominations within the sect of Christianity, and was even baptized in the Jordan River, as she tried to do what Jesus wanted her to do, as she tried to follow his example as close as this world allows, but she could never get as close to him as she wanted to.

Then one day she was driving through the slums of Springs, and caught a glimpse of our chapel. The spirit spoke to her “Go there”, and the rest is history. She found it, and followed it.
Baptism of Pat.  

I guess I just gained a testimony that there really are people who are only ‘kept from the truth because they know not where to find it’. Jesus really does bring people into the light.

It’s interesting, after a deep study of the ministry of Christ; And basically I won’t be able to write this very nicely because I have very limited time, but hopefully it makes sense-

How many billions of people lived before and after Christ? There were a lot, and how many people didn’t meet Christ while he WAS on the earth? I mean, due to the book of Mormon and modern revelation he definitely met a lot more people than a scewed sample of the middle-east-exclusive perception portrays Regardless of that, there were still a bunch of blind/halted/leprous/mentally and physically distraught etc. etc. people on the earth who didn’t have the Savior come visit them personal. It doesn’t talk about how Jesus Healed them in the scriptures. You have the blind man that can see- But what about the poor guy who was standing away in a dark corner observing the miraculous healing and wishing it could happen to his broken heart? There were only a select few whom the Savior Personally ministered to during his sojourn through mortality. Their stories are recorded in the Bible and Book of Mormon. What about all the other billions of people?

What I’ve discovered, is that those miraculous healing and faith-building miracles weren’t just designed to be a cool story to read. Or an event in the past. But rather, those select few stories that we learn and observe are to give us a clear picture of how the infinite mercy and power by way of the Atonement of the Son of God can still reach us today. I am submitting that the same things that Jesus did then, are still done today to those whom have faith. That’s what the atonement is. It’s never ceasing, the miracles of Christ don’t end, neither do his ministrations and love to the souls of the children of men. His mortal ministry was priceless, and the whole point of it was to show us that his love streaming from his night in Gethsemane is endless. He still visits people today, with ‘healing in his wings’ through his atoning sacrifice.

Anyways, things are doing alright. I have a new companion named Elder Nicotra, he’s the first Italian to serve in Johannesburg, so that’s pretty tight. He’s like 28 years old so you know that he doesn’t mess around lol. He’s the best, and he cooks the best.          
My drunk friends.

Well that’s about it.. I love you guys. And I really miss you guys… Keep me in your prayers. Thank you for everything

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

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