Monday, January 11, 2016

#79 "Sister Clegg Finishes her Mission..."

This week I had the opportunity to really see experience the beauty of this Nation, I'm telling you if you ever get the chance to come to South Africa, please come. It blows my mind that God created the earth, and everything in it, and what blows my mind more is that God's "work and glory, is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man".

So basically God doesn't get glory from making worlds, from creating beautiful Mountains, landscapes; From showing his intelligence and power through the deigning the universe, from making the sun give light, from guiding our solar system.

His real glory is evident in us. His 'Glory', is seeing us progress towards Him. The epitome of His glory, is us, with our families, in His Eternal Kingdom, without sin or death, without end of hapiness.

GOd doesn't recieve glory from His vast creations, from his awe-inspiring scientific phenomenons.
He glories in us, and we glorify Him by taking a step towards Him.

When I first arrived on mission, in my first area of Daveyton, I was able to teach the Tshilo family, a family of members, minus the father. I'm telling you this guy was stubborn, and it was impossible to get him to church or anything like that, even when one of his kids is a returned-missionary and the other one is preparing for a mission.

Time went on, and a year later I found myself in Springs, and much to my suprise, this faimly had also moved there. We once again began to teach them, and much to my amazement, a light came on in his life, the spirit touched him, and 8 weeks later, well I'll let you see the picture.

Anyways, it's been probably the most different week I've ever had on mission, I just turned 18 months. THat's insane. Like I thought I just got here. I'd be done if I was a sister missionary lolz.

Love you guys, have a great week.

Elder Clegg

DESCRIPTION OF DRIVING TO DURBAN FROM HIS LETTER TO MOM (he drove a fellow misisonary from his zone home for a funeral, then drove him back.)

As we were on the N17, we were driving paraleel to a huge, vast, blue-dooming storm that looked unreal monstrous. And when we turned onto the road that took us towards Standerton, we faced it head on, so I took a ton of pictures, and as we started going through it, the sheets started coming down like no body's business. It was like a blizzard of water, the window wipers couldn't move fast enough to get it all off.

And the bad thing was, that the road was absolutely horrible, crater-sized potholes dotted the fixture, making it possible to drive fast at all, especially in the rain. Plus the road was like deserted, and there was ntohing for miles, and we don't have a spare tire so I was a bit nervous. 

But we kept being in the storm for hours, until we finally came into the eerie small town of Standerton.

Once we got to standerton, somewhere in the middle of nowhere of mpumalanga, we went to a petrol  station to grab some food really quick. And sure enoough there was a KFC there, cuz there are kfc's wherever there is a somewhat formal establishment. I knew that the gospel had never come to this little town, so as my comp went to KFC, I grabbed a handful of book of mormons and was placing them to people, not getting their contacts, just getting the book of mormon out for a second  you know, and then when i went into KFC, I talked to this guy sitting in the corner with his laptop, and he said that he was a pastor, and then I talked about the book of Mormon and he seemed to be intrigued, and i was like 'well we have a lot of these, do you think your congregation would be interested?' and he was like 'definitely, how many have you got?' and I was like 'how many do you need?' I ended up running back to the car and bringing him an entire box of 40 to give to his congregation. So I feel like I somewhat opened the door to salvation to a town in the middle of nowhere.

As we walked back to the car, the storm was looming it's dreadful colors. Literally when you looked at the sky, it was like a freakish pale green color, unlike anything I'd ever seen before, It must have been polution-induced or something, cuz it was terrible. IT was super cool. I thought of the scritpure in Ether or Mormon where it talks, referencing the coming forth of the book of mormon: "And it shall come forth in a day where there shall be many pollutions"

Then driving away, the rain was even worse, and they were doing construction on some of the road but we drove through a lot of rain for a while and eventually we got out of the rain, and beheld the marvelous african landscape that I can't give enough credit to, it was absolutely stunning, I saw like the real kind of african trees on the movies, with hills and mountains and rocks, it was beautiful.

The fog became so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the problem is that there are potholes all over the road, and it's raining super heavily, so our drive took forever. It was a windy mountain road, through the fog and rain, in the dark. The road was very empty, but it was still scary to pass the big trucks due to the fog, and it's just a dinky two-laner road. But I loved it. We had a problem though- we were running low on petrol, but magically out of nowhere this totally random, mystical petrol station literally in the middle of nowhere in the mountains appeared. I couldn't believe it. it was a very old, run-down one, and it was just mysterious-looking with all the fog and everything. But it was functioning. There were like two other cars there. We filled up, it looked like a scene out of a movie. i also siezed the opportunity to help someone jump-start their car, place like 7 book of mormons. I just was envisioning someone's testimony after their converstion somewhere down the line: "In the middle of a foggy, wet, dark dark night at this petrol station in the middle of nowhere, THis white guy hopped out of his car and gave me the book of mormon, and he was so happy. It was the strangest thing."

SO anyways after a lot more driving we pull to his house, which is an amaaazing place

It's so beautiful, it's like a hilly- mountainous ritzy village. So you still get the look of Africa, with all the clostheslines etc and chickens and mango trees, but it looks like hawaii or one of those areas in central or south america where my friends are serving. With SOOOO sooooo much green.

 it was amazing to see the landsape, it's so unreal beautiful. KZN is by far more well-run and organized and beautiful than Gauteng. Even though it is still super village-like, it is still like righteous and less-havoc.

This place is beautiful, I can barely see the ocean from here.  YOu can tell that this place is mmore blessed than johannesburg, there is more peace, they have more morals. Everyone in JOhannesburg is like the prodigal son who ran away to be naughty in a faraway land, KZN is like where all the super traditional old-style zulu's live. BUt they have morals and wisdom nad the Lord blesses them with intelligence.

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