Monday, December 14, 2015

#75 "Santa doesn't visit Africa cuz it's too hot for him"

It's been so long I almost forgot what a baptism was.

Hey guys, how is the snow?

Well I had like the longest and shortest week of my life all in 7 days. I guess a mission is just like that. Long and short at the same time. Also got to dedicate my first gravesite ever, probably my first and last lol. 
Oliver, may he Rest with God.

It's been a rough past couple of weeks, but I tapped into a lot of light this week, I guess I finish this week with a sure testimony that God really is real, and that he inspires His servants.

In the midst of a very trying time, I asked a friend and fellow-missionary whom I've grown to love, to give me a blessing. As the words tumbled out of his mouth, I cannot deny that the Savior was standing beside him, whispering the words into my friend's ear. The Priesthood Authority of God literally gives the authenticity and perfectness to speak in the name of Jehova. Words came out of my friends mouth that were not his own, I cannot deny that his words were His(Christ's) words. Maybe it's blasphemy, or maybe it's God's power on earth carried out through the faithfulness and worthiness of his Latter-Day Saints.
yes my arm is indeed around a general authority.

God is real, He lives, he doesn't intend for death to be the end. In fact, death cannot be the end because of the Generous One. Mistakes and infirmities and frailties are not an eternal reality, because of that Infinite Being. He brings light to the darkest and most hopeless of human minds, the most shallow and corrupt of human hearts. He brings light even to the slums and dark, dirty crime-ridden sidestreets of Springs, South Africa.

It's a privledge to proselyte during Christmas. I love sharing the gospel. I love this work, because there is always light when you pursue it even through the darkness.

I love you guys, hope you have a wonderful week. Hope you share the video on with all of your friends. Don't be afraid to share your testimony. DOn't be afraid to make a difference. 

The clouds of Africa are unreal beautiful, I wish you could all see them.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

(My good friends, Suzi & Jim Olson, went to pick up their son Jon Olson who was finishing his mission and is a close friend of Tanner's. They sent me these pictures of Tanner on the morning they met him)


  1. Elder Clegg and or family, thanks so much for sharing this blog! I have a son in the same mission and see him in some of your pictures. My son is Elder Lefthand and is in the group picture where we can see you have your arm around a general authority.

    1. I manage his blog & am his mom. That's awesome your son is in that picture with him. Elder Johnson is your son? Thanks for reaching out. Does he have a blog I could look up and read? I also follow the dunns and the Allreds blogs and look for "sitings" of the boys. --Elder clegg's MOM

    2. I mean Elder Lefthand. I just found his blog. YAY! I love reading them . They are in the same zone I can see. Tanner spent last Christmas serving in Daveyton and loved it.

  2. Julianne, thank you so much for reaching out as well, I really love Tanner's blog it is such great insight to what is going on in our sons' lives.

    I am Dale Johnson, my grandfather was Jim Lefthand (last name is a translation into English). Somehow my when my father, went to boarding school on the Navajo reservation he got the name Johnson. Our boys wanted to go back to Lefthand and my older son Matthew just changed his last name legally to Lefthand, he served a in the Boston Mass. Mission and has been home just over a year. Nathan is using Elder Lefthand while on his mission and going to change when he comes home as well.