Monday, September 21, 2015

#63 Welkom vir Springs

Africa's First Temple

Guys I got transfered. I got a new companion.

I'm in an area called Springs, it's one of the most diverse areas I've ever been in. It's got the ghettoest of the ghetto. It looks like downtown Johannesburg in the city, there are highrises that shoot clear into the blue african sky, it's really an amazing place to preach the gospel.

My new comp is tight, he's the state champ running back from Desert Hills, St. George and is a beastly missionary. We're getting work done in the mMalahleni. Burning down Babylon.

This is Zebulon on his baptism day

I have no time, but basically I believe in God. I believe He's the most intelligent, loving being in the universe. At 4:30 on Saturday morning we woke up to run to the Johannesburg temple with our ward, with some of the recent converts and less-actives, to kinda show them around.

And long story short I walked into the temple housing and standing right there with a huge smile on his face was none other than ZEBULON MALATJI. Straight from Mokgolobotho village, Tzaneen, with about 10 colorful temple cards in his hands. I had no idea he was coming. Then I turned and saw the Campbells, my favorite people in the entire world.

Zebulon had come down with the Campbells to be baptized for his ancestors, and another Tzaneen member, sister Minnie came down to be baptized for Zebulon's female ancestors.
The Campbells, my favorite people in the entire world!

It was just amazing, because of that experience, I know I'm supposed to be in Springs. I have confidence that the work I put into Tzaneen isn't wasted even a bit.  I have faith in the Living God.

Anyways from working in Soup Kitchens, to miracles in the temple, it's been an amazing week. I'm sorry I have 0 time. I love and miss you guys. Please have a great week.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

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