Monday, September 28, 2015

#64 KONY 2012

Well we've been doing a lot of finding this week. We've been trying to hunt down KONY.


It's inevitable that missionary work among the Afrikaans breed of people is slightly impossible during the rugby world cup. Especially when the springboks are playing. I guess on the downside, when you rattle on gates, no one comes out or they just yell at you to leave during the game, but on the upside we've just been yelling 'ey let us in so we can come watch the game with you'. It hasn't been super effective as of yet.

Another upside to Springs, (in comparison to Krugersdorp) is that a much smaller fraction of the people think that we are Jehova's Witness, which is nice I guess. 

Our flat is in a town called Brakpan, being interpreted into English; 'Dog dish'. Brakpan in essance is the punchline of any South African Joke. I'd invite you to google 'jokes about Brakpan' but I'm scared about what you might find.

Anyways the work truly is progressing, we are currently covering two wards; Springs and Selcourt, so basically you never have any downtime.  I haven't written in my journal all week so I have to think hard about what even happened.

Tuesday was super monati fela, mostly because I got to go on exchanges to none other than Daveyton, aka D promised land. It was amazing to see some of the people who have made deep impressions in my life, who hold special places in my heart. It was amazing to see how far I've come since I was just in the hustle and bustle of the hectic atmosphere associated with an African township, just about a year ago. It was cool to see how things have grown there. When I first was there, we had one ward. ON Tuesday, when I went back, we discovered: 1 ward, 1 branch and two clusters, with a new group soon to be formed. None of that growth is credit to me at all, it's just God's arm reavealing in this remote land. IT was amazing to see people who you had maybe taught one or two lessons to, who in just one year later, had been baptized and held callings and are preparing for missions. I guess long-story-short, when the work is tough and you can't figure out why you were sent somewhere or when people don't seem to be baptized; Just wait a year, and then you'll be able to see. The Lord has a different perspective than us. The Lord worked miracles in that beautiful area. I'm grateful to have been able to watch it with my eyes.

I'm just really grateful to be a missionary. I'm grateful to go into this vast, beautiful world carrying a message with potential to make relationships eternal. I'm grateful to be in perhaps the most transcendant and diverse and complex country on the entire earth, sharing a message to unite men of all races, all nations, all cultures. I'm grateful to literally sing, to a colorful field of nationalities: 'Hark all ye nations, hear Heaven's voice'. Please pray for the Salvation of this beautiful country, only the gospel will unite men of all races, nationalities, and backgrounds. Pray that the Lord's arms of mercy will be revealed and extended to this land. Only the gospel will save the world from the calamity of it's self-destruction. Only the gospel will stabilize this wild country, only the gospel will reach deep enough to speak peace to It's tragic background.

"Wherefore, all mankind were in a lost and in a fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this Redeemer" (1Nephi 10:6)

Angels of glory
shout the refrain:
Truth is Restored again

well sorry im short for words this week. I love you all. always feel free to write me, miss you guys tons. also sorry for no pictures, you guys in America live in luxury with computers that function properly. Count your blessings Majitos.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

also S/O to my boy Elder Leo Fuchs who is currently laboring with the Lord about 150 kilometers to the east of me in Swaziland. Keep that lil Brazilian in your prayers.

PS.  Mom's NOTE:
He got to go on exchanges in Daveyton where he spent the first 7 months of his mission.  So I heard from a couple of FB friends who "spotted" him, these are what they said:

  • Hi sister Clegg...thought I'd share these with you....I saw elder Clegg today...he was in was really nice seeing him again

Keitumetse Tumi Zwane
Always a pleasure...he's such a good kid...approaching people at the mall...preaching the Gospel...I can bet he was born to do this...he do it with such have a wonderful boy!
And he's funny too
The last was:

Maria Gaitsi Madumane
Greetings Mrs Clegg. My name is Maria Madumane from South Africa. We were fortunate as a family to meet your son Tanner. What a great your man, a soldier. I won't forget the 1st we meet him so young ,fragile,shy guy. We were one of the first families he taught. And we were the 1st family to serve him pap (porridge). We made wonderful memories with him. He was moved to other areas and he visited us last night oh I must say he has grown even his testimony and he's love for the gospel and bringing souls closer to God. We are so proud of him he is a blessing to us and the world. U r truly blessed. My family sends their love to you and your family

Monday, September 21, 2015

#63 Welkom vir Springs

Africa's First Temple

Guys I got transfered. I got a new companion.

I'm in an area called Springs, it's one of the most diverse areas I've ever been in. It's got the ghettoest of the ghetto. It looks like downtown Johannesburg in the city, there are highrises that shoot clear into the blue african sky, it's really an amazing place to preach the gospel.

My new comp is tight, he's the state champ running back from Desert Hills, St. George and is a beastly missionary. We're getting work done in the mMalahleni. Burning down Babylon.

This is Zebulon on his baptism day

I have no time, but basically I believe in God. I believe He's the most intelligent, loving being in the universe. At 4:30 on Saturday morning we woke up to run to the Johannesburg temple with our ward, with some of the recent converts and less-actives, to kinda show them around.

And long story short I walked into the temple housing and standing right there with a huge smile on his face was none other than ZEBULON MALATJI. Straight from Mokgolobotho village, Tzaneen, with about 10 colorful temple cards in his hands. I had no idea he was coming. Then I turned and saw the Campbells, my favorite people in the entire world.

Zebulon had come down with the Campbells to be baptized for his ancestors, and another Tzaneen member, sister Minnie came down to be baptized for Zebulon's female ancestors.
The Campbells, my favorite people in the entire world!

It was just amazing, because of that experience, I know I'm supposed to be in Springs. I have confidence that the work I put into Tzaneen isn't wasted even a bit.  I have faith in the Living God.

Anyways from working in Soup Kitchens, to miracles in the temple, it's been an amazing week. I'm sorry I have 0 time. I love and miss you guys. Please have a great week.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

Monday, September 14, 2015

#62 "Totzings Krugersdorp"

The whole need no physician.

Spring is upon us in South Africa. I absolutley love the African thunderstorms, they are unparraleled to just about anything else.

In winter, the savanna is a golden brown color accrossed the rolling tree-studded hills. It gets quite dry, and gets quite windy in the winter. The stench of smoke fills the air with the use of fuel-burning stoves and fires to warm the cold hands and feet through the night. Anyways, the scene in the winter is somewhat miserable, somewhat dead and deserted.

But this week marked the first thunderstorms of the year, I felt like those one guys on that one movie Holes; Happier than little african kids are to see a mulungu to see the rain.

When the rain starts to hammer the landscape, we watch the natural phenomenon of everything turning green. I'm talking super green. The storms breathe life into the entire land, it's really cool to watch the wonders done by the rainy season.

Just like the vegetation needs storms to grow and to beautify, so do we, as people need storms to grow.

This past week has been one of the toughest weeks on mission. One of those weeks where it seems like just about everything isn't really going well. But the world's natural evolving from the winter to spring has kind of inspired me this week.

This week I've grown like none other. I've learned lessons that haven't really registered before. This week has had it's fair share of personal thunderstorms, but it's caused me to grow. Don't be too scared scared of storms, without storms this beautiful and breathtaking continent would be desolate and dry and dull.

Anyways that's my little profound moment of the week. haha this week has stretched me a ton. It's outlined the important things to me, and caused a lot of self-introspection. But it's cool. How else can you expect to grow and become more like Heavenly Father?

Also had some other realizations this week. First off it kills me how easily and naturally people reject the book of mormon because it's not in the bible. Like c'mon, you think God would just speak to people in Palestine and leave out the rest of the world to figure out their way by themselves? Did Jesus not say "I'm the way, the truth, and the life"? If He really is the way, and if God really did create all men, and if His eternal glory, work and purpose really IS to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man", then who are we to think he didn't reveal His gospel and His power and His love to His other children?

While contacting petrol stations last night one guy who knew about the church was like "I don't believe that Joseph Smith is our Savior" another person was like: "You'll see Joseph Smith in hell".

It's interesting that essentially the first thing that the angel Moroni told young Joseph was "That my name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues, or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people." So whenever people say stuff like that to me I just shout a big AMEN to Moroni's prophecy. Lol do you think Joseph would've ever thought that people would be speaking evils about his name on the African continent? Well, actually he probably did. Because an angel of God told him that.

Anyways, I had a really sacred experience this week, and i won't be able to give it the sincerity and epic and sacredness that it deserves through a keyboard, but basically it was one of those 'i was planning to commit suicide today but you guys came' type-deals that really was profound. I just learned that I'm leaving Krugersdorp tomorrow, so I think it was one of the reasons I was sent here. Anyways to be short, pray for a guy named Joan (Yo-Anne) in Krugersdorp.

Well, to wrap things up, sometimes missionary work in a South African town seems like two shades under impossible. I'm basically serving in Holland right now. Because everyone here is either of Holland, Scottish, Dutch, or English decent. So it's rough. But no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing. Not even any of these unhallowed hands who kick us out of every mall, complex, and petrol station. God will allow it to go forward cuz it's His work. I believe that. Here's to all the testimonies borne this week to Moroni's prophecy.

Anyways I love the people in Krugersdorp, I love this adventure I'm on. I pray every morning that I can just testify to people. It's the number one goal everyday, to be able to bear testimony of Jesus Christ, and His prophet and His restored gospel. There's a certain spirit you start to feel, you begin to hunger to share the gospel with people. You start to care less about yourself, and more about others. You start to lose discouragement when people don't wanna hear you. You start to have fun doing missionary work. It's weird. It's helping you grow, and solidifying your testimony. I'll look back at my time on Krugersdorp with a smile in the future. Many times my comp Elder Adjei has been like 'we're doing everything right, but still nothings happening, what does God want us to do?' Bless his heart cuz what he said is hard, but when someone asked President Brown, in Israel; "Why did the Lord require such an extreme and unprecedented sacrifice from Abraham?" President Brown wisely repied "because Abraham had to learn something about Abraham."

Anyways, it's been a blessing to serve on the hallowed ground of Krugersdorp, a landmark and ensign of sorts, when it comes to the earliest developments of the gospel on the entire African Continent. One of, if not THE first place that the gospel was preached in this vast continent. A seed planted in Krugersdorp has eventually branched to the whole land of Africa. It was an honor i'll cherish for the rest of my life to have been laboring here.

I'd also like to share my testimony of these African people, and to clarify, when i say african I mean anyone who lives on this continent; black and white, bond and free;

I almost get tears when I think of the People of Africa, they are among the most humble and silently faithful of souls on this earth. In the same breath, they are among the most mighty and loyal amongst all nations of men. I love them, and I hope that I'll always be connected to them. They have pure souls, they will give what they have to glorify God. Sadly, many of them are kept from the truth, because they know not where to find it, but I personally believe that when the hastening truly begins, when the Lord reveals ways and means in which to more effectively and realisticly do missionary work on a wide-scale in the world, the African people will be among the first to hark to the Gospel's cry. They will be among the first to respond to the Master's becon to follow Him. 

Although I cannot fly through the air and preach the gospel like an angel of God, I'm grateful for the sacred and thin-veil experiences that I have still had, even though my arms are shortened and weakened through mortality, with the Lord's help my childish arms can be lengthened and strengthened to reach to those who are now prepared to receive this message with gladness. God loves Africa, I really believe that, and although I cannot do much, I'm doing what I can.

I love you guys. I miss you guys, sometimes I feel so far away from you guys but then I remember I'm in South Africa and im like yeah that's pretty far away.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg