Monday, August 17, 2015

#59 Pasop Vir De Hounde

In case you were wondering...Tanner still plays the same in South Africa that he does in UT.  (pcAllred)

(phillipeans 3:2)
I hate dogs. I clearly understand why my parents never let me get one when I was little. Come spend a day rattling on gates in South Africa and you'll understand my point.

Week was not void of lekker slops. Worked so dang hard this entire week. Hopefully will see some fruit coming up here soon. Planting seeds like nobody's business.

If there's one thing that bugs me more than edgy dogs, it's when I talk to people and they're like "no sorry, we're Christians we don't believe in Mormon." Literally kills me. I challenge anyone out there to go find a piece of literature that references and proclaims and testifies more about Christ than the Book of Mormon.

Anyways we've been kicked out of about every mall and shopping center in the West Rand area. So we've deserted to standing on the road right outside the complex and trying to get people to stop their cars and roll down their windows to talk with them. Which sometimes isn't the most effective considering the crime rate and the frequent occurance of 'smash and grabs', where people smash your car window when you're at a stoplight and steal your wallet and stuff.

It's an uphill battle, but it's an adventure at the same time. This day and age really calls for an emphasis on member-missionary work. I believe we're taking steps in the right direction here in Krugersdorp. We had our mission President attend sacrament meeting yesterday. It was overflowing with the spirit, the members here are really upping their game with missionary work. It's a cool thing to watch.

Anyways, the days and weeks are super long and hard sometimes, but really truly things are picking up, things are rolling and snowballing.

A major stumbling block is that everybody and their dogs thinks we're Jehovah's witness. Their jw Africa headquarters is like 5 minutes down the road, and it's like a fortress. It's basically the SLC of Jehovahs witness. The mt. Moria of ZCC.

So it's a little tough, literally the first thing you say to people is "We're not Watchtower" because everyone has already talked to watchtower. It's a little discouraging, we have the fulness of the gospel, but these jw's are spreading the word like a raging fire and their name is infamous. A little discouraging you know. I've gained a lot of respect for them. They stand up for what we beleive in. They're valiant in their testimonies. Kind of an eye-opener to me as a member of the church. Do we appreciate the full import of our restored doctrine and ushering in of the final dispensation? Do we appreciate that the Priesthood is living and functioning on the earth today? Do we appreciate temples? Are we grataeful that families can be together forever? Are we excited to have another lost record of believers of Christ, translated by the gift and power of God from a dead language and dying nation? Are we happy that the same church and ordinances and covenants that existed in primitive times, namely when the Messiah was on the earth, are here and available to us today?

Whatever these Jehovah's witness believe in, they're effectively spreading it. Do we believe enough to put our pride on the altar and spread our message as well?

It's been making me think a lot I guess.. Anyways, I love you guys and miss you guys like crazy. It's weird, in two weeks I'll be twenty. Eish.

One cool experience this week- yesterday night we were driving through CBD trying to find some guy's flat complex, and we saw a little group of people huddled around a body that was face-down in the middle of the road. I flipped the car around and parked by him and we ran to check it out. There was a a guy who was nailed by a car. His sister was erradic, thinking he was dead or something. I checked his breathing and his pulse, he had a gauge on the back of his head that was bleeding.

As sirens and police cars were swarming the scene, and people were busy gaping from the roadsides under a stary sky, the fantastic scene seemed to freeze for a moment of slow-motion as me and my companion laid our hands lightly on the guys head, touching the places that weren't bleeding, and I was able to silently utter 'Raymond Moketzi, by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, and as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, we lay our hands on your head in His name and bless you to live. We bless you to live and to be okay."
Soon the paramedics arrived on the scene. We assisted them to roll him on the board. The ambulance took off, and we left into the night, virtually unnoticed. Not sure what happened to the guy, but I felt like maybe it wasn't a coincidence. Really cool experience.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg
South Africa, Johannesburg Mission

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