Monday, August 10, 2015

#58 Locked out

Souza, Swindlehurst, Broadhead, Clegg, Henderson


Well, kind of a tough week to be totally honest. A lot of disappointments, I guess you could say on the side of missionary work. Baptisms and marriages fallen through etc. It was once said that Joseph Smith died with a smile on his face, so I can end this week with a smile on mine.

I got a new companion, he's pretty sweet. His name is Elder Adjei from Ghana. He loves working nonstop, so it's buyalekker.

I'm short for spiritual words this week. Kind of hard to think of things on the spot. At least while we were tracting this week some people had enough respect to cuss us out in English instead of Afrikaans so we could understand what they were saying.

One gate that we knocked on in West village this week, a nineteen year old sotho girl came out and shut the door, finding that she had locked herself out. You could tell she didn't know what to do, and to make things complicated- she had a pot on the stove that we could smell was burning.  She was on the verge of tears. Had to think fast. I pried one of her windows open, but unfortunately I live in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, so of course there are burglar bars.

So I went to the street and found a little baby Zimbabwean girl and put her through the window.

Unfortunately the little girls mom rushed over ready to sjambok us but I pulled the 'we're sent by Jesus' card and there was no harm done, the house didn't burn down, and now we're teaching that family.

Weird stuff. Anyways, thanks to all who sent me an email, it means a ton! Keep Krugersdorp in your prayers bigtime this week.

Love you guys, check the video of mick fanning almost getting devoured by an Afrikaans shark and maybe you'll get a little bit of an idea of how tracting in Krugersdorp is.

Luckily the members seem to really be picking up the missionary work game, the future is looking bright.

Love and miss you guys like no body's business.

Elder Tanner Clegg


  1. Interesting solution to a problem. It reminded me of how they got into our office at the school and stole our computer - twice!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! Tzaneen missed you! Love from Elder and Sister Campbell