Monday, July 27, 2015

#56 Robot contacting

Tanner, President Dunn, Elder Whitesides.  E. Whitesides goes home next week.

Tanner didn't have time to do his usual email today.  Here's something he wrote to me in an email that I thought I'd share:

we robot contacted for the last cold hour of the night. i dunno, cops kept driving past us and told us we were crazy to be out on the highway. But it felt good. we went to the place where he highway is pretty populated.. It's the place where hobos goo and beg for money. I just love doing it- it's a change. It's weird for people to see nicely dressed young men GIVING YOU free stuff instead of asking you for free money.

I dunno, maybe it's not productive, but I love it and feel good doing it. Even though it was cold and everything and lonely and dangerous, i love robot contacting. All it is is planting seeds. Giving a lot of people pass along cards with a picture of christ, a quick testimony and smile, and a flash of the black nametag... who knows, maybe it'll help someone join the church. Everyone thinks we're trying to get money, but i just yell at the top of my lungs 'mahala!'

it's just nice cuz you get to briefly meet so many children of god and see a couple of them stubbornly reject you, but some of them who you can tell have the light of christ and take one and say thank you so much. So it's really good, even thought  it's not effective. plus i think it's more comfortable for me than contacting . i dunno, it is just fun to run up and down the highway at night talking to people in their cars, people think we're crazy.
One year ago, Tanner started his journey in the SA mission & became comps with Elder Smith and headed out to the hazy smoke filled streets of Daveyton.

This awesome man Jeff Swarts added me as a Facebook friend.  He is currently in Tanner's ward & has sent me a couple of "realtime" pictures of Tanner on my FB.  I'm so grateful!  This was a few nights ago.

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