Monday, June 29, 2015

#52 Africa is Cold Guys

Pictures from Elder Pier.  Thanks!  Tanner & his new comp Elder Whitesides.  Doesn't have his eyes open.

Been such an unreal week I don't have words. Like I'm not sure what's real and what's not or if I'm dreaming this is so weird.

Basically, I've been transfered. I've left the banana plantations and palm trees and have exchanged to the sketchiest of the run-down, and cheesiest of the cheese of Gauteng. I've been sent to Krugersdorp, literally one of the oldest wards in all of South Africa. Minus Cape Town, it's the oldest chapel in South Africa, literally the first place missionaries came as they migrated northward- I guess a long-story-short, one of the deepest most converted well-functioning wards on this continent.

On the other hand, we cover a cluster. For whatever reason the Lord keeps sending me to these little clusters and I love it. The cluster is in a place called 'west village'. I'll just say I felt way more comfortable walking the townships in Daveyton and villages in Limpopo at night than walking west village at night, but it's super exciting to get started here.

The only issue I guess is that a freakish cold front hit us this week, and basically on Sundays in the cluster we meet in this nursury school hall which is legit colder than the air outside, I could see my breath the entire time during sacrament meeting. Plus, being in Mzanzi, we always get our electricity cut every single day- so during sacrament we didn't have our little foot-heaters working, and when the service started we had one member from west village attending, and one investigator. Along with some powerful wward members who volunteer to come to kind of help the cluster to function. The cool thing was, after church started, three more members came and seven more investigators came. We easily had double local investigators than the local memebers we had at church.

Anyways, that's me. I guess the biggest news is that the Quorum of the Twelve has decided unanimously to split the Johannesburg mission, and now the Tzaneen, Sunnyside, and Pretoria zones are part of the Namibia/Botswana mission...

so basically, if I would have been in Tzaneen for one week longer, I'd be preaching the gospel to people in botswana and namibia...

The Tanner Clegg in me is raging frustrated. LIke that's my dream you know! I love helping the Lord where His church is still undeveloped, and unorganized, and unestablished. I dream about going further into the heart of Africa, bringing this message to the most remote of people in Botswana, and Namibia...

But I'm here. In Gauteng, in the cement and the cold.

I don't know, I'm kinda unsettled, but it will all work out. If my mission has given me a testimony of anything; It's that everything eventually works out and gets better... So I'll keep hanging on.
Anyways, my comp is a guy named Elder Whitesides, from Stansbury Park, Utah. He's super sweet, and this is actually his last transfer so I'll make sure he's squeeing every bit of every moment out of it to the best of my ability.

The members in Krugersdorp are unreal awesome. THey legit have a 'missionary moment' every Priesthood opening exercises. I guess I'm gonna have to start learning how to work through members, something totally foreign to me- I'm used to knocking the doors and gates.

Anyways I'm kinda unsettled about all this big stuff happening, but it will all work out. I'm happy to be here. This place is totally amazing.

Elder Clegg
-over mountain, plain, and sea.

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  1. Good job Elder. We just returned from the Cape Town Mission and it is really weird going from winter to hot summer. It would be fun to go to Namibia but the Lord knows what he is doing. We went to the Johannesburg Temple in April. Johannesburg is a lot different from Cape Town. Our nicer part is nicer and our poorest part is poorer. Hang in there Great Missionary. It will a memory before you know it and you will miss it and the people so much. Waylon's Grandma, Carma