Monday, May 4, 2015

#44 How to Catch a Monkey

Holding 2 Bush Babies
Elder Laminie and a Bush Baby


Long story short I’m typing this in the back of a dark car on the way from Kruger National Park so gimme some leniancy if I'm spelling some stuff wrong.

Being here is like a dream, like I can’t even believe that I’m here. It’s weird to think that a year ago I was commencing my last month of matrik, or high school as you lakooa’s call it, and just to see where I am and who I am today is sooo weird.

Started last week of buyalekker by an insane zipljine excursion through this wild canyon and waterfalls, I'd show you pics but you’ll have to wait two years cuz I only had the good old flim camera.

I’m at a loosss for words... it’s literally like I said, a dream.. I’ve been away exatly ten months now... didn’t think I would make it this far... didn’t think I’d see this much stretching and growing in one’s lifetime... let alone, in my lifetime.

I stand today with a testimony... that if everything has been torn from you... if your own mind seems to fail you, if diverse, complexing trials and thorns in the flesh become your constant companion, if sometimes, all you can mutter under you breath is a desperate plea; “help”, to an unseen source, an unseen being whom you resort is ultimately your last option. When all else fails you…He won’t let you fail.. Really have a testimony that somehow things work out in the end.

Tsoadeli's Nephews party.
(typing this all in dark hope it's shap shap)

Not sure if you remember that book, “Where The Red Fern Grows”.. somehow it’s simple message has been a tender mercy for me as of late-

I can’t even remember the kids name, can’t even remember the plot, but I do remember there was a boy, who treed two coons in a gigantic tree in the middle of the Ozarks. He chopped and chopped at this massive, stalwart tree to basically no avail. Never had a man as young as he, put forth such great effort to catch a couple of coons out of a loyalty to his beloved dogs, Dan and Ann (if im not mistaken).

After days of pushing an axe blade into the trunk of this beautiful tree, body absolutely exhausted, the boy sat down and was feeling extremely discouraged.
He had done his best, he had done his part.

Soon, after a last call to God for help, the beautiful sound of wind rushed through the leaves and trees around him, and hit the immense tree with such force as to bring it down.

God can make up the difference, His grace is sufficient, as we sit, discouraged, after “all we can do” (which isn’t much) 2 Nephi 25:23

He can push the tree down, He can meet our needs… He makes the unsolvable make sense.. He binds up the broken heart, and heals our wounds. The atonement is the only real remedy. When specialists fail to deliver, when deep trials pain our souls, the only real remedy, this world fails to deliver; is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer.

Anyways, Elder Paul, a missionary in Lenyenye, who I went on exchanges with this week, tells me that for food back in Malawi, they would soak banana’s in alcohol and put them by the trees, and in the morning they would easily catch all the drunk babales (monkeys) and eat 'em.

The MP and his wife drove up 5 hours for interviews.

Love you guys so much. Pray for you guys. Keep Tzaneen in your prayers.. Pray that people will feel the spirit as they read and pray about the Book of Mormon and gain a “divine witness”.

Elder Tanner Clegg

“Firm as the mountains around us,
Stalwart and brave we stand.
On the rock our fathers planted,
For us in this goodly land-
The rock of honor and virtue,
Of faith in THE LIVING GOD
They raised His banner triumphant-
Over the African Plains.”

President Dunn and the Tzaneen District.  He is an amazing MP for these SA missionaries!

President & Sister Dunn took the district out to lunch before they left.

Playing games with Sister Dunn while waiting for everyone to be interviewed.

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