Monday, May 25, 2015

#47 Throwing "fire"

koolest missionaries I have the privellege of serving around.

The pastors in the villages teach their congregations to throw "Holy Ghost fire" at the 'satanists' (us) to keep them away, so I'm surprised after walking through Motupa I'm still alive after all that "fire" the people threw at me.  They just say "fire" and open their hands at's wild.

Other than that it was a pretty good week. On June 7 we will havae a baptism in Tzaneen which is a landmark, the branch has been dry for over 2 years. Amazing to see the conversion process from the initial knock on the door to the opening of the gates to the Celestial Kingdom. Keep Zebulon in your prayers-We are literally gathering the twelve tribes up here. But I've yet to find a Naphtalian.

Stuff is hard. Area is rough sometimes, but it's coming alive definitely. It's just everyone in Tzaneen is like "I'm already saved, go save the people in the villages who don't know Christ" so it's tough. Our finding approaches now start with "WE know you know about Christ, have a 'family church' that you're rooted 12 centuries back in, and your happy with your relationship with God, but we have something more..." because eish it's rough.

But I've been learning a thing or two about the apostle Peter, a man who I honestly have the utmost respect for- a man so firm and undaunted in his loyalty to his friend and Savior, that ultimately gave his life for him, even requesting to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy to be executed in the same way as his Master.

Peter was an individual who feared no man, who knew his message to the world needed to be heard- and he didn't let the fear of men get in his way. We can be more like Peter; We have the greatest and truest message in the entire world. Fear no man, raise your voice and declare it to the world. Nothing is more important than these glad tidings- even if everyone doesn't yet understand that. Fear no man.
Tzaneen District

Anyways 0 time today. Gotta go hike through some jungles. Gonna try to attatch some pictures. Love you all, miss you makgooa's. Go to the temple more often.. I have a testimony that there's souls waiting to be saved. Love you guys soooo so so much.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

"For with God, nothing is impossible"

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