Monday, May 11, 2015

#45 "Going to church, protects you from the mambas..."

Picture of a Green Mamba

Well one sister bore testimony that going to church protects you from the mambas. Last week when they came to church a green mamba tried to get into their house but their dog, mr. cuddles somehow ate it without getting bitten. Luckily I haven’t come acrossed a green mamba yet, and even more luckily I haven’t come acrossed a black mamba cuz they’re infamous here.

Wasn’t too bad of a week, literally gave our branch president a big hug because we’ve finally lined up someone to be baptized. The guy’s name is Zebulon, a 38 year old extremely intelligent and powerful guy-

Like two months back, Elder Laminie and I were out in mokgolobotho and one of our discussions ditched so we went and helped some villagers carry water to their houses. We helped this one kid, he could speak pretty good English so we taught him and his mom after helping them haul water, but they didn’t seem too receptive; So we left and were walking back down the dirt road towards the ‘water hole’ when I saw a house and I was like “lets go knock on this one” as we approached I could see through the window there was a tv on w/ some show that looked like it was shot in southern Utah so I was like Lekkkerrrr.

He’s been to church 4 times, didn’t budge at the baptism invitation- until the spirit sjamboked him, and he got a confirmation about the book of mormon- just a lil reminder to me that me and elder may can’t do this work. We can lay down the restoration in words the most ‘exalted of earthly eloquence’ but it doesn’t mean anything if there’s not a spiritual confirmation. We know that our “wisdom shouldn’t stand in the knowledge of men, but in the power of God”. He’ll be baptized on May 24, truly a miracle unkulu. Tzaneen hasn’t had a convert baptism in over two years. Stars are aligning somehow. Just pray that everything will work out.

Winter is here in Tzaneen. Aka adjust your fan setting to “2” instead of “3” at night to avoid sweating. Kruger last week was amazing- can’t tell you in words… it’s such a privledge to be on this vast, strange and beautiful continent. I think this place will always have a portion of my heart. Jaw dropping to see straight African Ndlovu’s, meters away from you- to see their massive trunks and ivory tusks-wrinkled skin and tiny eyes, feet beaten and calused from endless days and kilometers of walking through this place. It’s amazing to experience it first-hand, without any high fences, bars or feeding troughs. Nothing but pure African savanna- it’s a surreal euphoria.

There’s been a taste of rebellion in the air, the government this side is causing alotta matata in the eyes of the people, so all week they’ve been rioting out in lenyenye due to lack of water and load-shedding(limiting electricity). So the roads have been on fire (literally) with burning rubber and other rubbish. The one tar road that goes through the villages is outta control. Ama khosi fo sho

Finally gotta see general conference yesterday (Saturday morning and afternoon). It was absolutely amazing, it was just such a testimony builder when Elder Redlin came on and talked about South Africa.. like what are the chances? “God cares a lot more about who you are and who you are becoming than who you’ve been” or something like that. It’s just straight gold streaming from the mouth of a general authority, just what I needed to hear.

And last but not least, happy mothers day to all you wonderful, beautiful mothers out there- Didn’t realize how much I loved my mother until she was taken away from me for a couple years.. I guess the saying is true when we say ‘you don’t realize how good it is till it’s gone’. Skyping my family was horrible eish just miss them a lot, but it was amazing. And the best day I’ve had in a while.

I love you mom, thank you for always being my friend. Thanks for all the times you stayed up all the night to talk to me or pray with me. Thanks for sacrificing hours of sleep to come up into the mountains with me in the darkest times of the bitter-cold winter nights to be with me when I took pictures of the star-dotted galaxies and cosmoes and heavens up above. Thank you for always being there for me, for always loving me, for being slow to grow angry at my many mistakes. Thanks for giving a testimony for me to lean on when doubts flood my mind, thanks for understanding my shortcomings and infirmities- and most of all, thank you for living your testimony of the Savior, and for teaching me that He lives.

I love my family, I’m serving my hardest every day so maybe some family here in South Africa will be able to be together forever.

Modimu owhawurhata

Elda Tanner Clegg


  1. Somehow I end up with tears in my eyes every Monday...Love this kid!

  2. As I read elder Clegg's words about the man who is going to be baptized only after getting a spiritual confirmation, they took me back 57 years to when my two missionaries finally got me to pray about what they had been teaching me and I received the answer that has sustained me since then. It is a wise missionary who learns early that they will not convert a single person on their mission - only the Holy Ghost can do that.