Monday, May 25, 2015

#47 Throwing "fire"

koolest missionaries I have the privellege of serving around.

The pastors in the villages teach their congregations to throw "Holy Ghost fire" at the 'satanists' (us) to keep them away, so I'm surprised after walking through Motupa I'm still alive after all that "fire" the people threw at me.  They just say "fire" and open their hands at's wild.

Other than that it was a pretty good week. On June 7 we will havae a baptism in Tzaneen which is a landmark, the branch has been dry for over 2 years. Amazing to see the conversion process from the initial knock on the door to the opening of the gates to the Celestial Kingdom. Keep Zebulon in your prayers-We are literally gathering the twelve tribes up here. But I've yet to find a Naphtalian.

Stuff is hard. Area is rough sometimes, but it's coming alive definitely. It's just everyone in Tzaneen is like "I'm already saved, go save the people in the villages who don't know Christ" so it's tough. Our finding approaches now start with "WE know you know about Christ, have a 'family church' that you're rooted 12 centuries back in, and your happy with your relationship with God, but we have something more..." because eish it's rough.

But I've been learning a thing or two about the apostle Peter, a man who I honestly have the utmost respect for- a man so firm and undaunted in his loyalty to his friend and Savior, that ultimately gave his life for him, even requesting to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy to be executed in the same way as his Master.

Peter was an individual who feared no man, who knew his message to the world needed to be heard- and he didn't let the fear of men get in his way. We can be more like Peter; We have the greatest and truest message in the entire world. Fear no man, raise your voice and declare it to the world. Nothing is more important than these glad tidings- even if everyone doesn't yet understand that. Fear no man.
Tzaneen District

Anyways 0 time today. Gotta go hike through some jungles. Gonna try to attatch some pictures. Love you all, miss you makgooa's. Go to the temple more often.. I have a testimony that there's souls waiting to be saved. Love you guys soooo so so much.

Elder Tanner Noah Clegg

"For with God, nothing is impossible"


A couple of weeks ago on p-day Tanner's district went into Kruger Park with the Campbells, the couple misisonary Tanner loves in Tzaneen.  They saw all these animals on their drive.  They always look for the "BIG 5" when they are in the game parks in South Africa.
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Monday, May 18, 2015


Most of these pics are from Kruger National Park last p-day
s/o to my boys playing Alta on Tuesday. Take state you mulungus

Wore a long-sleve comfortably the other day for like the first time in Limpopo. Still never sleep without the fan full-blast on my face.

Alotta hype about black mambas in the area, apparently they are trying to get into people’s houses. One of our investigators had a huge salt ring around his house cuz apparently it keeps out mambas. And demons or something.

If somehow I have a future wife and in the off-chance that she’s reading this just know we’re coming this side to snatch a lil bush baby outta the jungle cuz little mnyama children are way cuter then makgooas.

Got a taste in the air of Africa at conference, we were able to watch Sunday morning session yesterday. I swear it’s been a tender mercy of sorts to hear so many talks refrencing people in Africa, and with the Ivory Coast temple announcement- relaying in grand fashion that God knows his African children.

Hard week honestly. Not loads to talk about- learning alot about a word called humility. Realizing that it’s not a missionary that can find, teach and baptize but rather the Lord that can do that. Learning that being humble solves essentially any issue, and that pride is the root of basically any issue.

I think we can draw an example bridge from the Savior to our lives when we read Matthew’s words saying: “He went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Easily the most selfless, pure, and humble declaration ever vocalized- uttered under the immense weight of awful anticipation of the next events that would transpire. In the most antagonizing, dreadful, suspense-filled moment in all of history, Jesus submitted His will to the Father, even at the rim of the deepest and darkest canyon that only the Son of God himself could plunge into without experiencing immediate death; His divine Sonship allowing him to feel inexpressible horror and agonizing, incomprehensible pain without experiencing the relief of ‘giving up the ghost’.

Because the Son of Man was humble enough to follow through with the atonement, even the infinite atonement for all mankind; We, in our own inadequate, mortal sphere can try to emulate his example, by being humble enough to keep His commandments, being humble enough to reach out to others despite our own infirmities, being humble enough to serve in our church callings, being humble enough to sustain our leaders and follow them, being humble enough to defend our faith, to defend the sanctity of family and chastity, of shifting customs that contradict what God has said in a world ‘waxing in iniquity’. We can be humble enough to forsake the evil things of the world, we can be humble enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. We can be humble enough to love our friends and family, to think less about our selfs, and more of the divine, eternal being we, and our friends and family have the ability to become- because of Christ, not because of our selfs.

It’s by grace we are saved after all we can do. What is “all we can do”? All we can do, is to show God and Christ appreciation for the gift that they so lovingly gave us. I’ve been struggling with that scripture- 2Nephi 25:23.. Have spent personal study hour tryna figure out what “all we can do” means, cuz honestly I know that there’s always at least one more little thing we could’ve done, or rather- a whole mulititude of little acts of discipleship we could’ve done each and every day that we didn’t do, hence- none of us have done “all we can do”..

So I guess none of us can be saved?
Wrong. “All we can do” is fight to be humble enough to show appreciation to our Father in Heaven for the Plan of Salvation, with Christ standing in the center.

“Listen to him who is the advocate with the Father, who is pleading your cause before him-
Saying: Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin, in whom thou wast well pleased; behold the blood of thy Son which was shed, the blood of him whom thou gavest that thyself might be glorified;

Wherefore, Father, spare these my bretheren that believe on my name, that they may come unto me and have everlasting life.”

Believe in Christ, allow your belief to become alive through everyday acts of discipleship.

I believe the Book of Mormon is true, and I believe that Christ lives. Tryna figure out a few things and find my feet, but i sincerely believe.

Thank you to President Uchtdorf for settling a question that has been pestering me since the moment I read it at the beginning of my mission.

Anyways woaa i got super spiritual eskiis.

I’ll try to send some pictures of legit wild African animals. Unfortunately that’s not a guarantee, seeing that I’m currently in Africa where technology is a little slow. Love you guys. Miss you guys. Sometimes I just wanna be bobbing on a board in the ocean past the breakline, waiting for a wave- sometimes i wanna be on the cairlift overlooking pcmr, or strapped into the wakeboard on a glassy summer  morning, but honestly none of those things compare with preaching the gospel; Maybe having the chance to see a family get to be together for forever.

Love you. Write me, I’m crazy lonely this side. Lol feels like I’m cut off from the entire world up here in Limpopo.

Elder Clegg          

-a good old drive through mzanzi:

Monday, May 11, 2015

#45 "Going to church, protects you from the mambas..."

Picture of a Green Mamba

Well one sister bore testimony that going to church protects you from the mambas. Last week when they came to church a green mamba tried to get into their house but their dog, mr. cuddles somehow ate it without getting bitten. Luckily I haven’t come acrossed a green mamba yet, and even more luckily I haven’t come acrossed a black mamba cuz they’re infamous here.

Wasn’t too bad of a week, literally gave our branch president a big hug because we’ve finally lined up someone to be baptized. The guy’s name is Zebulon, a 38 year old extremely intelligent and powerful guy-

Like two months back, Elder Laminie and I were out in mokgolobotho and one of our discussions ditched so we went and helped some villagers carry water to their houses. We helped this one kid, he could speak pretty good English so we taught him and his mom after helping them haul water, but they didn’t seem too receptive; So we left and were walking back down the dirt road towards the ‘water hole’ when I saw a house and I was like “lets go knock on this one” as we approached I could see through the window there was a tv on w/ some show that looked like it was shot in southern Utah so I was like Lekkkerrrr.

He’s been to church 4 times, didn’t budge at the baptism invitation- until the spirit sjamboked him, and he got a confirmation about the book of mormon- just a lil reminder to me that me and elder may can’t do this work. We can lay down the restoration in words the most ‘exalted of earthly eloquence’ but it doesn’t mean anything if there’s not a spiritual confirmation. We know that our “wisdom shouldn’t stand in the knowledge of men, but in the power of God”. He’ll be baptized on May 24, truly a miracle unkulu. Tzaneen hasn’t had a convert baptism in over two years. Stars are aligning somehow. Just pray that everything will work out.

Winter is here in Tzaneen. Aka adjust your fan setting to “2” instead of “3” at night to avoid sweating. Kruger last week was amazing- can’t tell you in words… it’s such a privledge to be on this vast, strange and beautiful continent. I think this place will always have a portion of my heart. Jaw dropping to see straight African Ndlovu’s, meters away from you- to see their massive trunks and ivory tusks-wrinkled skin and tiny eyes, feet beaten and calused from endless days and kilometers of walking through this place. It’s amazing to experience it first-hand, without any high fences, bars or feeding troughs. Nothing but pure African savanna- it’s a surreal euphoria.

There’s been a taste of rebellion in the air, the government this side is causing alotta matata in the eyes of the people, so all week they’ve been rioting out in lenyenye due to lack of water and load-shedding(limiting electricity). So the roads have been on fire (literally) with burning rubber and other rubbish. The one tar road that goes through the villages is outta control. Ama khosi fo sho

Finally gotta see general conference yesterday (Saturday morning and afternoon). It was absolutely amazing, it was just such a testimony builder when Elder Redlin came on and talked about South Africa.. like what are the chances? “God cares a lot more about who you are and who you are becoming than who you’ve been” or something like that. It’s just straight gold streaming from the mouth of a general authority, just what I needed to hear.

And last but not least, happy mothers day to all you wonderful, beautiful mothers out there- Didn’t realize how much I loved my mother until she was taken away from me for a couple years.. I guess the saying is true when we say ‘you don’t realize how good it is till it’s gone’. Skyping my family was horrible eish just miss them a lot, but it was amazing. And the best day I’ve had in a while.

I love you mom, thank you for always being my friend. Thanks for all the times you stayed up all the night to talk to me or pray with me. Thanks for sacrificing hours of sleep to come up into the mountains with me in the darkest times of the bitter-cold winter nights to be with me when I took pictures of the star-dotted galaxies and cosmoes and heavens up above. Thank you for always being there for me, for always loving me, for being slow to grow angry at my many mistakes. Thanks for giving a testimony for me to lean on when doubts flood my mind, thanks for understanding my shortcomings and infirmities- and most of all, thank you for living your testimony of the Savior, and for teaching me that He lives.

I love my family, I’m serving my hardest every day so maybe some family here in South Africa will be able to be together forever.

Modimu owhawurhata

Elda Tanner Clegg

Monday, May 4, 2015

#44 How to Catch a Monkey

Holding 2 Bush Babies
Elder Laminie and a Bush Baby


Long story short I’m typing this in the back of a dark car on the way from Kruger National Park so gimme some leniancy if I'm spelling some stuff wrong.

Being here is like a dream, like I can’t even believe that I’m here. It’s weird to think that a year ago I was commencing my last month of matrik, or high school as you lakooa’s call it, and just to see where I am and who I am today is sooo weird.

Started last week of buyalekker by an insane zipljine excursion through this wild canyon and waterfalls, I'd show you pics but you’ll have to wait two years cuz I only had the good old flim camera.

I’m at a loosss for words... it’s literally like I said, a dream.. I’ve been away exatly ten months now... didn’t think I would make it this far... didn’t think I’d see this much stretching and growing in one’s lifetime... let alone, in my lifetime.

I stand today with a testimony... that if everything has been torn from you... if your own mind seems to fail you, if diverse, complexing trials and thorns in the flesh become your constant companion, if sometimes, all you can mutter under you breath is a desperate plea; “help”, to an unseen source, an unseen being whom you resort is ultimately your last option. When all else fails you…He won’t let you fail.. Really have a testimony that somehow things work out in the end.

Tsoadeli's Nephews party.
(typing this all in dark hope it's shap shap)

Not sure if you remember that book, “Where The Red Fern Grows”.. somehow it’s simple message has been a tender mercy for me as of late-

I can’t even remember the kids name, can’t even remember the plot, but I do remember there was a boy, who treed two coons in a gigantic tree in the middle of the Ozarks. He chopped and chopped at this massive, stalwart tree to basically no avail. Never had a man as young as he, put forth such great effort to catch a couple of coons out of a loyalty to his beloved dogs, Dan and Ann (if im not mistaken).

After days of pushing an axe blade into the trunk of this beautiful tree, body absolutely exhausted, the boy sat down and was feeling extremely discouraged.
He had done his best, he had done his part.

Soon, after a last call to God for help, the beautiful sound of wind rushed through the leaves and trees around him, and hit the immense tree with such force as to bring it down.

God can make up the difference, His grace is sufficient, as we sit, discouraged, after “all we can do” (which isn’t much) 2 Nephi 25:23

He can push the tree down, He can meet our needs… He makes the unsolvable make sense.. He binds up the broken heart, and heals our wounds. The atonement is the only real remedy. When specialists fail to deliver, when deep trials pain our souls, the only real remedy, this world fails to deliver; is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer.

Anyways, Elder Paul, a missionary in Lenyenye, who I went on exchanges with this week, tells me that for food back in Malawi, they would soak banana’s in alcohol and put them by the trees, and in the morning they would easily catch all the drunk babales (monkeys) and eat 'em.

The MP and his wife drove up 5 hours for interviews.

Love you guys so much. Pray for you guys. Keep Tzaneen in your prayers.. Pray that people will feel the spirit as they read and pray about the Book of Mormon and gain a “divine witness”.

Elder Tanner Clegg

“Firm as the mountains around us,
Stalwart and brave we stand.
On the rock our fathers planted,
For us in this goodly land-
The rock of honor and virtue,
Of faith in THE LIVING GOD
They raised His banner triumphant-
Over the African Plains.”

President Dunn and the Tzaneen District.  He is an amazing MP for these SA missionaries!

President & Sister Dunn took the district out to lunch before they left.

Playing games with Sister Dunn while waiting for everyone to be interviewed.