Monday, April 27, 2015

#43 xingaheli xtesloha (tsonga)

Group in the village we went to teach, about 60 showed up (last week's letter)

not sure what to say about this week. So sorry my letters have been rubbish lately.

We've had an Afrikaaner come to church for 3 weeks in a row which is a miracle in itself.

I dunno, just fighting for our Savior clear over here in Limpopo, one of the most surreal places on earth. Just wild how somehow I'm a member of this church, and how now I'm serving as an instrument to bring souls unto Christ. Like how on earth was I put into the only true and living church on earth? 

My testimony of the book of mormon is coming along. 

I wasn't there when Lehi cast himself upon his bed in a vision, I wasn't there when Nephi reclaimed the brass plates from the courts of King Laban in Jerusalem, I wasn't there when he somehow constructed a ship out of raw materials. I wasn't there when the arrived in the promised land, when Nephi under the influence delivered his sermon to the Gentiles of these latter-days. 

I wasn't there when Enos hungered for spiritual meat he couldn't hunt with his bow and arrow, I wasn't there when King Benjamin with the voice of angels delivered his eloquent exortation to the ancient inhabbitants of the America's to follow Christ, and forsake sin. I wasn't there when Abinadi quoted the poetic words of the ancient prophet Isaiah, shackled in chains before the wicked and powerful King Noah, when he fufilled his prophetic duty of testifying of the literal Son of God, when his 'enemies prowled around him like wolves'.  

I wasn't there when his only convert, Alma- fled and baptized thousands in the waters of Mormon. I wasn't there with Alma and Amulek, I didn't watch them convert thousands to the knowledge of the truth, I wasn't there when the wives and children of their converts were burned before there very own eyes, and I wasn't there when the prison walls shook and they walked out triumphantly.  I wasn't there when Alma contended against Zeezrom, or left the judgement seat to become a missionary. 

I wasn't there when the stripling warriors left their mothers, I wasn't there when not one of them fell. I wasn't there when captain Moroni vigorously waved the message as a standard to the nations "In memory of our God, our freedom, our religion, our wives and children" I wasn't there when Heleman instructed his sons Nephi and Lehi, I wasn't there when they themselves where cast into the same prison in which Alma and Amulek were years earlier. I wasn't there as they were encircled about with fire, and I wasn't there when Samuel the Lamanite defended the faith amongst the apostate Nephites, because he knew it was true. 

I wasn't there when Mormon quoted and abridged the words of the prophets onto golden plates, I wasn't there when he gave it to his son, Moroni. I wasn't there when the brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord, I wasn't there when they where buried deep in the depths of the ocean. I wasn't there when Moroni ran through the forests of present-day New york, putting the final touches into the book he was staking his life on. And I wasn't there, when thousands of years later, he appeared as a ressurected glorified being in the room of Joseph smith, and instructed him to translate it from it's reformed egyptian language into english. 

I wasn't even there when Joseph Smith was martyred, minutes before reading a book which the people claimed he "had made up", and finding solice in it. I wasn't even there when my ancestors left footprints of blood acrossed the frozen plains because they thought it's what God wanted them to do. Most importantly I wasn't there when our Savior knelt in the garden of Gethsemane and payed the ultimate, horrible price for our uncleanliness and infirmities. 

But it doesn't matter. I believe that its true and that's enough. And it's sent me clear to South Africa.

lol sorry I'm outta time.

Elder Clegg
Relaxin' on p-day

Visiting the animals with my new companion.

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