Monday, April 20, 2015

#42 What is Xenophobia?

Howzit magents? 

Sorry 0 time.

Had an investigator who had a dream about angel Moroni and Joseph Smith getting the plates, and how we were all on a ship that broke and we started sinking but Jesus rescued us, so that was pretty legit.

Stuff is picking up here, seeing lil miracles as the days roll on-
for instance we met this new guy named Micheal, one day we were out contacting at this street market thing and we had a big banner of Jesus Christ, and he saw us and walked past us.

When he got to the other side of the street, a voice pounded through his head "go back and talk to them". so he was really freaked out, but he did, and we found him, and he has a family. The spirit sjamboked him.

Don't get to see conference for another month, I'm telling you this place is like the remotest of remote.

On Sunday, we talked to a guy who said he could organize his congregation to listen to us, so we went to Zangoma village (kinda scary zangoma is a witch doctor) and taught 60+ people the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and placed a book of mormon w/ everyone who could read english. Stoked about that.
Bad news the village is crazzzzy far so we probably won't be going back.

There's been a bunch of attacks on foreigners lately, which is pretty wild, but I feel super safe interestingly enough, like I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Keep God's African children in your prayers.

Sorry I wish i had time but I really don't.

Also took that banner w/ Jesus on it and just targeted people and walked straight at them with this huge picture it was crazy funny I'll try to attatch a photo.

Love you guys. Miss you guys. Pray for you guys. Mission is hard, but worth it. Trusting things to look up. Isn't his name "An High Priest of Good Things to Come", or something?

Love you guys, lekkerslap. 

Elder Clegg

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  1. Hey Julianne. Kerry Jeppson Esquivel here. Just wanted you to know that I read a few of these posts from Tanner and the Spirit really touched me. I think Tanner is doing an amazing job and I have said a prayer for him and for the African people (children) as well. And will continue to do so. My son is a lot closer to home, serving in Minnesota. But the spirit and growth I read in his letters is the same I read in Tanners. Heavenly Father loves all of his children so much and these young missionaries are a testament to that. It is so beautiful to watch their growth as they serve the Lord and share the glad message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing! :)