Monday, April 6, 2015

#40 He is Risen

Where even am I?

Crazy, hectic, long and hard week. Had to make the trek down to Johannesburg to pick up my new companion, Elder May.

Elder May is super sweet, he's into climbing and cinematography, and he's also into working hard and feeling the spirit so it's pretty sweet if you ask me.

Eish where even do I begin? This week is our "Week of Witnessing", so what we've been doing is we have been going around to all of our various areas up here and just spreading the beautiful story of our Savior, and what is possible because He Lives.

Never thought on Easter morning I'd be walking up and down a mountain in a village called Motupa, trying to find people who can speak english, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You guys can help in this worldwide missionary push- by hashtagging everything to (hashtag)BecauseHeLives. And getting everyone to go to Let's get some views, let's help some people know about their Savior.

Just trying to figure out alot of things, just trying to know this and that- Don't have too much to say this week, other than I'm grateful that He lives.

It seems as if your mission has a way of exposing all your infirmities and weaknesses and isolating you from the worldly comforts and outlets and protections that I would turn to back at home to find relief from fears and struggles, eliminating every single solution, except the inevitablbe: Relying on your Savior. Sometimes, you have absolutly no choice other than to rely on the Savior. Because in all reality, human eyes and hearts and ears and minds, including your own; can't comprehend what you're going through and what it will take to fix you and make you what you want and need to be and feel. 

Just trying to say, the only real solution to anything is relying on the Savior, and the mission has taught me how to do that. 

I've really changed... alot. Like before I came here I really didn't wanna change.. but I think that God had different plans or different ideas or thought I'd be happier if I was a little more Christlike.. so I think I'm getting there; Slowly but surely.. changing a little bit more. And I know that God will help to change anyone- not alter or take away from your personality or anything like that, but rather to enrich and refine, make you a better you I guess.

Anyways, let us stand as witnesses of Christ, and remember that we celebrate easter every sacrament meeting by partaking of the sacrament, remembering why we can live forever, and more importantly; why we can live with God forever.

Love you guys all, miss you guys all. Pray for you guys all, and hope the best for you guys all.

Elder Clegg

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