Monday, March 23, 2015

#38 Turn On Your Pastor Voice

Waterfalls on p-day

Preach my gospel has been taken to a whole new level

In a nutshell my week was the equivelant of riding a hippopotumas through an African shopping center during month-end, trying to reach the discounted baked goods on the day-old rack competing with like 30 other angry gogos tryna buy the same cake as you. In other words I had an insane, but if im honest really an awesome week.

Started with a nice lil jungle hike to niagra falls with my crazy cape-town colored companion, (try saying that one five times fast while rolling you r’s)  in the most beautiful place in the world. Then was followed by legit 12 ditched teaching appointments, alotta tracting and tryna get a creative spin to get this place going.

Anyways soon Wednesday rolls around, and about 3:00 in the afternoon my companion says he has to run back to the flat to use the bathroom, so we do and im chilling waiting for him.. 5 minutes go by.. then another five.. and pretty soon im like eish what’s going on?

 So I go and check on the lil guy, and I find him flaat on his back lying on the bathroom floor.

Elder Laminai was unconscious
First impression: I’m like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ in my head- im telling him “c’mon man we can’t take naps on mission, we’ve got people to see let’s go” He doesn’t budge.

Soon I’m like poking him and kicking his feet and splashing water on his face, and nothings going on.

So I’m like “well Elder Laminie, we’ve gotta go so I’m gonna drag you if you aren’t gonna walk yourself.”

So I started dragging the kid, and all the sudden it hit me- ‘my companion’s not sleeping.’ So I started trying to open his eyes, and shine lights in his eyes, and he was totally unrespondant. I checked his pulse, breathing, and made sure there wasn’t anything in his mouth or throat choking him. But he was as motionless as a doornail, just totally in a different world. So we got a couple other missionaries over and carried him into the car. Where I had to awkwardly sit and hug him the whole time so his head didn’t slam the window.

On the ride to the hospital we suddenly connected eyes, and decked me straight in the chin. Then went back out of it again. Think that’s a sign my comp doesn’t like me or something. Punches me even WHILE he’s not all here..

Healthy Laminie 2 days before
Anyways got him to the hospital. Eventually he snapped outta his unconsciousness- but had to get a cat scan and run some blood tests. In short, we had to stay overnight. Plus his voice was still gone it was kinda funny.

The nurse was kinda stingy unfortunately and made me leave the ward during the night. So I just went and slept on the lobby floor, cuz there’s a big sign: ‘NO SLEEPING ON THE COUCHES’ so luckily i had a lil pillow from home, but I’m telling you-  cold hospital floors in proselyting clothes isn’t the best night’s sleep.

Anyways he was discharged at about 10 oclock the next morning, and he finally got his voice back. He doesn’t remember a thing. Just glad he’s not hurt.

Beautiful Tzaneen
Anyways, he was good to go the next day-and a little honest background:

Tzaneen has been rough for more reasons than one, it’s sooooo mentally and physically draining, because it’s a super tough area to crack.. so for the past 5 weeks it’s seen some success, but a lot of insanely long hot days. So on Friday we started to see some miracles- picked up an insanely prepared new investigator on Friday, from here in town: guy named Elias, a breath of fresh air. Also picked up a sweet family(also here in town). So the miracles started rollin on Friday, and even carried onto Saturday-

So Friday we were street contacting by the street market, placing these sweet new flyers we made (cuz everyone in Tzaneen during the day is from the surrounding villages where other missionaries are working) and we found a guy who stayed in our area who was super stoked for us to come over.
Little congregation waiting for us to teach them
So we went to their house, deep in the village, and we found a congregation of people, reverently seated- waiting for our arrival. Turned on the preaching voice, taught the entire restoration in one visit. Placed every book of mormon we had in the car, and committed the whole congregation to church, as well as to read & pray to know if the book of mormon is true.

Come the next day, all but two of those investigators made the journey to church. They added an additional 17 to our(rather small) congregation, comprising of 6 investigators and all their kids. So at church Sunday we had 7 investigators. We also had alot of “Amen’s!” that rang out mid-talk during sacrament meeting. And one guy came up to me and told me he knew the book of mormon was true. Also gave a 40 minute talk in sacrament meeting as well as taught Sunday-school class so tryna get the members a little more involved and committed over here. Luckily we have a really sweet branch president along w/ his wife who are super good.
We teach a couple of investigators on top of this mountain

I dunno.. some miracles are happening. Although sometimes Tzaneen is still a little bit of a headache, it’s literally a magical place. A beautiful ‘tropiese paradys’ (tropical paradise). Although it’s always been a wonderful place to live, it’s starting to turn into a wonderful place to be a missionary.  We somehow have like 7 father-led families we’re teaching here in town we’re working on. And an immense pool of new investigators we’re teaching. What started from 0 planned discussions, and 0 investigators at church, with about 4 members in the congregation when the branch president stood to begin the meeting, has been gradually changing into something better. Something more like how Heavenly Father wants it. I just pray it will continue, I’m so lucky to just be able to watch the Lord pushing his work.
Well, love you all too much. A couple lil stats for the week:
 Animals almost hit:
Flock of mongooses

Also, while teaching a lesson outside I saw a chicken peck a scorpion to death.  Literally African chickens are lethal.

Happy 16 to my sisters

Just keep me and Tzaneen in your prayers, it would mean the absolute world. Love you guys so so much. Miss you even more. Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sisters- Ellie and Cassidy, love you guys. Don’t crash my jeep. Try driving on the left side of the road every once and a while.

Elder Tanner N. Clegg

teaching last week at the schoolhaircut elder laminie


Elder Laminie waterfall hike

tzaneen is always beautiful

waterfall on pday 
Laminie hiking

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  1. A typical week in the life of a missionary! What amazing experiences he is having and at the same time serving the Lord by teaching His children. Thanks for sharing these letters and pictures.