Monday, March 9, 2015

#36 I like seeing mountains again....

Picture of villages from the mountain Lenyenye
I've been out here for like 8 months now. Still it's weird everyday to wake up and be in Africa.. like so crazy.

Had a bit of a hectic week, Tzaneen is really quite a tough area. But I think things are slowly but surely picking up here.

First off, everyone in the village thinks missionaries are satanists, that we come into houses and suck people's blood. No joke. Not sure who started that rumor but its kind of a matata when it comes to missionary work.

Another crazy thing happened this week- just were tracting in town after-dark, we suprisingly got invited into an Afrikaans household (which like doesn't happen). They said that they were doing bible study and we could join them.

It was like the weirdest most wild experience of my life.. like they were reading in a super weird way like yelling and singing stuff and speaking in what I made out to be hebrew. I tried to bring up the book of mormon, relating their scriptures to some i had, but literally as I read, my tounge was getting caught in my throat. I couldn't speak properly and I was tripping on my words. I mean, sure I mess up speaking or reading occassionally, but back at home I was studying broadcast news and anchoring so I thought that I was kinda good at speaking clearly, which wasn't the case that night.

You just sometimes wish that you could shove all the knowledge you contain into someone else's head. Especially when you're told you are wasting your time serving a mission, or that you're going contrary to what the bible says by leaving your family etc. etc.

But at the end of this 'bible study' or whatever it was, they all started praying and spinning circles and yelling and I'm telling you, there was a spirit in the room, not the familiar sweet, gentle spirit of the Lord- but kinda felt like (on a small scale) the 'marvelous power from an unseen world' which was unfamiliar and evil.

Walking down the road in the dark after they let us out, me and my comp were kinda freaked out. You could definitely feel something in there. But it definitely wasn't the spirit of the Lord, it was some other strange spirit- That had some kind of influence to make you trip on your words..

However I always find it interesting how these "pastors" and "apostles" of other faiths are all scared to death of the book of mormon. It's like you pull it out and they think you've got a gun. But I've grown to really start to love this book. The world seriously needs this book.

-The Book of Mormon literally confirms that Jesus Christ really did fufill His divine mission on earth. The bible does as well, but honestly the bible has been translated, torn and tattered by people under the influence of satan. So frankly, me as a person couldn't find solice in a book as controversial as the bible alone. Too grateful for the Book of Mormon, which confirms the truth in the Bible that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that outlines the plan of Salvation, that gives us hope that we can return again to our Heavenly home to live with our Father once again.

Well honestly I could quite possibly be in the most beautiful place in the world. There were monkeys galore in Tzaneen this week which was sweet.

While doing missionary this week I was kinda struck with an insight: We're all on the same team.

Like whenever I take a deep breath and suck up enough faith and courage to attempt knocking on an Afrikaaner's heavily guarded, unpassable gate- It's like I'm preparing for war or something, like I'm putting on armor, going to fight againsed my enemy. I've got scriptures in my mind that I could use to "prove him wrong" to "beat him" or something like that.

Sometimes we're somewhat apprehensive,
or scared or think it's a fight to try to share the gospel with someone.

But honestly that's not the case:
We're all sons and daughters of God. For whatever reason I was chosen to know the truth, (which is daunting and scary) and we are all on the same team. We're just out here trying to help our brothers and sisters get back to Father again. We can come together, and help each other along the way. Never be afraid to lend a hand in helping to guide someone back to our Father. We are all brothers and sisters, trying to get back home together.

Anyways the work here has been picking up. Learning how to use the members and get creative. Even this morning we drove to the village and got permission to hold a class at a primary school there so that was tight. Keep Tzaneen in your prayers.
Hiked a mountain by Lenyenye today, it was so legit. Ill attatch a pic or two, you could see the never-ending village houses in every direction. Makes me happy to climb mountains again.

Love you all, please please please keep Tzaneen in your prayers.

Elder Clegg

4 generation pedegree chart.  Bottom right side E Smith trained E Clegg who trained E Savage.  In the middle on the back row in the grey sweater is the E who trained E Smith.


  1. The amazing experiences of being a missionary - learning first hand that there are evil spirits in the world. I was recently reading about Korihor and how what he took to be an angel from God was really one from the devil. I am glad that elder Clegg could feel the difference.

  2. Good point Elder Pier. And I'm glad he could feel it too!