Monday, February 2, 2015

#31 Nacho loves Zimbabwean Orphans

One of my best friends Ronnie...came to SA from an orphanage in Zimbabwe

Just so grateful to be in Africa.

I’m telling you guys the sky over here is nothing short of celestial. Too blessed to be in this wonderful land, have to quote the Book of Mormon really quick because whenever I’ve had doubts about God being there this scripture helps me out:
“and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator”  Alma

Such a solid week honestly.

Elder Savage and I worked really hard this week and ended up being able to teach a solid 40 lessons. Definitely was an occasion deservant of a companionship fist bump or “shap” as they call it this side.
We’ll likely be experiencing another baptism next week- super stoked for that. Really will be wild to have a baptism where you tracted, taught, and baptized an investigator all in one transfer, so praying too much for that.

Also now our cluster isn’t just one hour we have an elder’s quorum president and a primary president so things are starting to roll too much nicely.

Also just a lil clarification: Africans, they use a very selective vocabulary of adjectives, for example, 
America: “that tastes very good”
Africa: “That tastes too much good”

America: “That girl is very beautiful”
Africa: “That girl is beautiful too much”

Also you don’t say “like” you only say “love”
America “do you like running?”
Africa “do you too much love running?”

America “this pap tastes nice”
Africa “this pap tastes too much nice”

-how was your day?
.too much nice

Also just gonna ask you guys if you could keep someone in your prayers, I honestly think there’s power in joining in prayer!

We have an investigator named PULE, he’s super sweet, like 28. Unfortunately he’s gotten extremely ill, and can’t move walk or talk. He may have been involved in witch craft, or maybe just has cancer- he’s developed some kind of tumor on his neck so he literally can’t eat, and struggles to breath. His life is a nightmare every single day, so if you could keep him in your prayers, that would mean the world. When he tries to take medicine and things he kinda just compulses and ends up on the floor, not sure if any of you guys know ENT doctors or surgeons who might know whats up, but just make sure to keep him in your prayers.

Anyway I’m gonna attach a picture (at the top), this is my best friend RONNIE, honestly the LDS filmakers need to hop on a plane asap and make a mormon message about this muzungu. Shona boy, born in Zimbabwe, walked all the way to SA, living under trees, eating outta dustbins- swimming from crocs across limpopo, running from lions till he made it to to Daveyton, where missionaries found him, and he's now a powerful member of the church, preparing to serve a mission.  

Literally have grown to love this guy too much, there are some of the best people in the entire world in Africa,  this guy has lived his life in a way that will always be an example to me. He teaches me that it doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you have, whether you’re a runaway from a zimbabwean orphanage, forsaken by parents you never even knew; Or born into a mormon family with a mother and a father, with a complete different set of challenges on their own, there is, as Elder Holland puts it; “hope and hapiness ahead.” 

He’s taught me to never give up, to always look ahead and be happy. And never ever forget how much God loves you, and has a sometimes strange, intricate, perfect plan that- although we can’t see the finished product- it’ll work out perfectly if we believe. He’s taught me just how much He’s in the details of our lives through his story and example. We can truly draw from other people a portion of their spirit that allows our testimonies to grow.

Love and miss you guys too much.

Honestly appreciate you keeping me in your prayers, they are much much needed and appreciated.

Salinekahle (stay well)

Elder Tanner N. Clegg
“Heaven-ly Father, Are you really there;
And do you hear and Answer every child’s Prayer?
Some say that Hea-ven Is far away
But I feel it close Around me as I pray;
Heaven-ly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus Taught disciples long Ago.
“Suffer the children, To come to me-”
Father, In prayer, I’m Coming unto thee~

MOM's NOTE:  Tanner has really grown to love Ronnie.  Here is what Tanner wrote about him last Oct.
"I wanna talk about a guy who really inspires me and just makes me want to be a better person, our mission leader: Ronnie. Not because He’s just an amazing ward mission leader or something like that, but because He is an illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe. He lives in this little shack, has no family. He’s 23, has the funniest most awesome voice that I love, has the best smile and is always happy. He works 6 days a week, earning the equivelant of 10 dollars a day, and all of this money he is trying to save up to go on a mission. It almost makes me cry thinking about it. But he still always makes me laugh and is so happy, even though I have no idea how he is gonna pay for a mission, he is still saving all his money for it. He wears clothes with lots of holes in them, but he’s still a good looking young guy, I will miss him so much, seriously will miss him a ton because he just makes you laugh with the way he talks and things, but he is always just trying to bring back the less actives. On Sunday (he doesn’t go to work), but he walks to all the peoples houses to walk with them the long dusty walk to the chapel. (which is in the other guy’s more nicer area of the township) I’m getting tears just thinking about Him, seriously I guarantee you nothing short of Celestial for him. Anyways, he’s someone who has it figured out, he won’t go to school, he’s sacrificing that for a mission. So essentially for the rest of his life he won’t really have education, which is super rough in south africa, especially for a foreigner, racism is still a thing over here. Racism whites vs. Blacks, Zulu vs. Shona. Nigera vs. Like everyone. But just wanted to share that with you."
Also more on PULE.  Tanner is begging us to unite and pray for Pule.  He has been working with him for awhile.  His heart goes out to Pule.  Here is what he wrote me about Pule last week:

Stopped by pule’s house (the growth man) feel so so so sorry for him he cant talk and is in horrible constant pain. He can’t eat, so i went across the street to a little tuck shop and bought him some mayo (frozen yogurt) and microwaved it so it was soft and he could eat it. He just eats liquidized pap it’s so sad. So tomorrow we’re going to the store, I’m gonna buy him protein, and a blender so he can blend stuff and drink it. I think the protein will help him i swear he weighs like 90 pounds. His mom doesn’t know what to do.. i feel so bad. But at least maybe this can help. I keep asking God to lessen the struggle for him so much.. it seems unnecessary and he wants to come to church and be baptized but physically can’t. But i felt good about going tomorrow to get protein and a blender.

AND a few days later:

The other day, Pule- we went to see him and he was so so so soso sick, he hadn’t eaten in 5 days.. he started compulsing and fell on the ground, i gave my oil to elder savage and told him to anoint him, and i mustered up the most faith i had and blessed him to feel the presence of Jesus Christ’s atonement literally applied in his life, to be able to rest, i got a little teary, he was just shirtless on the dirty ground, his nose is all crooked now and one of his eyes doesn’t really work. He’s in so much pain. Then we ran to the shop and bought him some birthday cake cuz he said maybe that’s something that would help him.

Then today at the petlele’s they didn’t have any food so i went to the shop and bought them a bunch of bulk groceries- chicken, rice, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and some bread and a little seasoning and a couple liters of milk. You said others have been generous to us so i feel comfortable being generous to other people.


  1. His emails have me in tears every time. Amazing boy you have. I'm sure you are so proud of him:)

    1. Yes. I love hearing his stories too. I want to meet all the people he talks about!

  2. His emails have me in tears every time. Amazing boy you have. I'm sure you are so proud of him:)