Monday, January 12, 2015

#28 Mosquitoes and Straight up Miracles

Carrying people across the flashflood river...

If I’m honest I hate mosquitos.

Sleep with the window closed and die of heat.

Sleep with the window opened and get eaten alive by mosquitos.

You pick.

It’s been a great week, everything is so green over here. We are just about exactly mid-summer this side. Just as the heat, mosquitos and rain have picked up, seemingly so has the missionary work. Lots and lots of people coming to church. Lots and lots of work to do. 15 investigators at church yesterday.

This week I got chased by a tsotsie (thug) who was tryna steal my bike while we were biking back from Minanawe to Daveyton. Like this hitta jumped out of the bushes and just started sprinting after me, good thing for me we’ve biked our legs off the past few weeks so basically Lance Armstrong’s got nothing on us, so the dude gave up cuz he couldn’t catch me.

Unfortunately the cluster areas are pretty sketch, but you do what you gotta do for the Lord and His work.

It’s really interesting- back in Daveyton people still get pretty hyped to see a couple of white guys, but out in Minanawe no joke- the kids like cry when they see us. We have an investigator who has a little kid and every time he sees us he just straight up starts bawling. Some of these younger people haven’t ever seen a mulungu before. They think we’re monsters or something it’s wild.

On Wednesday it rained like a straight up hurricane. Flash flooding is the real deal. We were out in Minanawe, teaching a lesson. Since all the houses are made with tin roofs, we were shouting to teach this guy about the book of mormon, and soon it became helpless. We then realized that we better get outta there cuz the road we drove in on is now a straight up river with rapids and trash floating down it (ill attach a picture) it was mad, I had to reverse backwards through a river for like 300 yards to get out, I was super surprised we didn’t get stuck.

Afterwards we saw a paralyzed guy in a wheelchair with his little brother trying to push him back home through the river, so we went to help this guy. We literally pushed a paralyzed guy in a wheelchair down and through and across a river to his house. I wonder if wheelchairs float, it might be something to put into consideration if you're in mZanzi.

After that, there was a big river covering the main road in Minanawe where everyone usually walks across, so there were a couple people who didn’t want to go across. So I put a fat guy on my back and carried a couple of dudes across  (i'll attach that picture) it was legit. Needless to say my clothes are taking some serious beating, but all is well in Zion.

Almost nailed a goat this week. Also almost got bitten by a duck, and a dog. We were tracting some house, i went through the little gate, looked up and saw a nice pile of dog poop. Suddenly red flags started popping up in my mind, and all the sudden this raging ball of fur comes charging after me. I ran and slipped out the gate, pulling it shut barely in time to see the teeth and claws slam into the gate at full speed. Needless to say we didn’t go back to that house again. There’s too many township dogs here, when one comes to bite you, just pretend like you’re picking up a rock and usually it’ll bounce and you’ll be shap.

Too many babelas muzungus, but the work is truly progressing before our eyes. Weird how skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, climbing, photography, etc etc have been things I’ve found solice and excitement from in the past, but honestly missionary work is equally exciting. Think maybe because it’s the most important. My mission means absolutely everything to me. It’s got my priorities set straight. You realize that there’s allota God’s children out there besides just you. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the entire world. Even though there’s alotta difficult. Alotta tears. Alotta fears.

My mission means absolutely everything to me. I can only be grateful to be in such a beautiful, majestic land and culture. I can only be grateful to serve around these amazing African brothers and sisters. I can only be grateful to be a missionary.

Lastly, Elder Hamilton from the quorum of the seventy came to the Chris Hanni cluster. In this hot, little wooden zozo he told us that the bretheren, and the quorum is aware of this cluster. That Elder Bednar, Elder Holland, Elder Oaks are the minds inspired by God to put forward the cluster innovation. And oh how it’s working.

Funny how the only place I’ve met general authorities is in a tiny garage we call a chapel in South Africa.

In His closing remarks, after telling us how the APOSTLES are aware of us, he expressed how going on a mission was the hardest, and best thing he’s ever done. I second that testimony. Being here means everything to me.

I love you all, serve a mission. Help someone in need today. Love the savior.


Elder Clegg

quick miracle story-
Walking through a squatter camp the other day, saw a guy in his “front yard” raking his dirt. Offered help- while trying to get him to let us help, his wife came out and said she needed to talk to us.

A while back she had a dream, a dream about Christ, saying to her “I’m coming to fetch you”

A couple months back, Elder Wilkinson and I were out contacting people or something, and she saw us, this dream of the Savior came back into her mind. She rushed over to talk to us, but we must have hamba’d  too fast and she missed us.

She feels like one who God needs us to find, her name is O---. When suddenly we showed up at her little zozo door, in a township with close to a million people in it, I don’t think it was anything short of a miracle. She agreed to let us teach her, told us about this dream. We bore testimony that we were the servants of Christ, that He was literally “coming to fetch her.”

She agreed to be baptised February 8th, she came to church for the first time yesterday.


  1. The pictures are amazing but his testimony of missionary work is even more amazing. Truly one who has answered the call to serve.

  2. I love reading his emails! He gives such great details. He is one amazing missionary! This one really brought the tears!

  3. I love reading his emails! He gives such great details. He is one amazing missionary! This one really brought the tears!

  4. Love this! Tears, yes. I had to smile at the guy on Tanner's back. What a smile! Love hearing Tanner's experiences, reading his lingo, trying to capture the feels and look of his areas. I am going on a mission(s) to Africa someday! Can't wait!!!