Monday, December 15, 2014

#24 Mulungu with the assist to the Ugandan

Mulungu with the assist to the Ugandan 
My muzunus and muzungas it’s been a really good week in mZanzi. The rainy season is in full sway, it rained on us every day. Frothy

Thought of the week-
Amazing that a little boy wrapped in swaddling clothes has an impact on each and every one of our lives for all eternity. Something I don’t entirely understand and am learning more and more.

Also while serving in the township this week, kinda thought “it’s amazing how a prayer said by a 14 year old boy has the potential to affect every single person i come in contact with for eternity” by small means are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6-7)

Biking/Kayaking through this all week long
Every day out here we’re biking like champs, biking through a township is somewhere inbetween mountain biking, and biking through a landfill, it’s seriously so much fun. And add flooding on top of that it’s like an adventure, we might have to exchange our bikes for kayaks, and on a sidenote i guarantee I biked futher than my grandpa did this week which is pretty significant.  (SIDE NOTE FROM MOM:  Grandpa Brown biked 107.8 miles this it is significant!)

It’s been great, we’ve found a way to make contact with just about every single member in the minanawe cluster, so we’ve got hold of all the members, and the area surrounding is untouched, this week we’re gonna start finding allota new people I’m stoked.

Had a bigtime safety meeting throughout the mission this week, the township right next to ours has been closed due to a hijacking/kidnapping incident, but luckily enough our friends are okay. I’m just glad they haven’t closed Daveyton. No doubt the Lord sends angels to protect us.

Love this family!  Here they are dressed in their sunday best...
Gained a lil spiritual insight this week- i had the privledge in our little sacrament room in Minanawe to pass the sacrament like i did back when i was a deacon. While passing you could see that some people take it and are super serious, super grateful, super humble about it- and others take it and are just kinda like “whatever ...we get this every week”.

I kind of thought that maybe that’s how the Savior feels- he literally has handed us His life, and some people choose to take it for granted when he reaches out in love to give it to us, while others really realize the meaning of the atonement, the reality of His sacrifice, the horrible arithmetic of the suffering, and humbly reach out to take the blood He spilt for us, the fears he overcame for us, the battles he conqoured for us, the peace he won for us. Let us remember Him, the greatest story the world’s ever heard this Christmas season. Let us remember His birth, His life, His sufferings, His attributes, and mostly His heart and the love He possesses for us. I really believe that sometimes he’s closer than we think. And we need some sort of personal relationship with Him to begin to understand God’s plan for us. So next time you take the sacrament, pretend like it’s the Savior extending his arms of mercy towards you, and giving you Him so you can make it back.

Anyways, the lightning storms are absolutely insane over here, you just spring outta bed in the middle of the night. It’s seriously like a shotgun going off in your ear, you can’t even sleep at night.

At our little sacrament meeting on Sunday, a member named Shimmy gave a talk. He says he always wonders if he lived in the time of the Savior’s mortal ministry, would he be humble enough, would he understand the scriptures enough, would he be in tune and worth and close to the Sprit enough to recognize the Savior. Would he be one of the few who knelt at his feet, followed Him as He loved and saved others, realizing why He came.. or would he just see Him as a carpenter’s son, one who hung around the wrong crowd, a poor homeless wandring stranger. Definitely was a powerful sacrament meeting even though the audience was only a few people. A testimony confirmed in D&C 6:32-34

Elder Savage walking to help paint a house
I think an important thing in this life is learning to recognize the spirit.  In mosiah 5:12 King Benjamin tells us that to end up on the right hand of God, we need to hear and know the voice by which ye shall be called, and also, the name by which he shall call you.

Remember that we are the sons and daughters of God. Most of us have taken upon us the name of Christ via baptism. Let’s live in a way that allows God to speak to us through the Holy Ghost. Look for little tender mercies every day that speak to you. Enjoy the sunlight a little more fully. Put behind you the dark a little more quickly, and move forward with faith that the spirit will guide you by encouraging you to make little differences in others lives each day.

Check out the mud/water on his body

Sorry mom my suit is ruined, too much rain. Good thing it was free.

Also don’t miss out on the Xgames hype. But read your scriptures first.

Every day they've been biking in this wet mud

Love you all, make this a memorable Christmas by going out of your way to help someone else.

Elder Clegg

Here’s a video of me and Elder Natwijuka(from Uganda) working some lil tsotsie kids on the dirt soccer field.  (Just Click it...if you can see it...sometimes it works)

Cute lil girl washing my dirty name tag...

All clean...

The township toilets...

It's too muddy to even drive the car out here

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  1. As I have read his letters and seen his pictures I think of how he has learn to love and live with the humblest of God's children. What a great experience it is to serve a mission - to serve the people - to serve God - to grow close to Christ as he invites others to enjoy the blessings that he has and to know the truths that he does...