Monday, December 8, 2014

#23 Don't Believe The Hype--Cluster #2 Is Formed

Cluster #2 building in the daycare center

Don't Believe The Hype

December in D-town is like Black Friday + Everyone Drunk + 100 degrees + rain and rain + mud.  It's
hectic.  Things going crazy, but in the midst of this, our second cluster in our area has opened.  The Minawe/Daveyton North Cluster.  Its in a little flooded daycare center with the windows busted and barbed wire fences around.  The tin roof is red, and there's these sick huge trees around it.  And not to mention 2 security guards with dogs to keep the tsotsies out. 

It was such an amazing thing to be a part of those 12 saints in attendance.  One of the white guys from the stake presidency in Benoni came and gave a talk--he said that the first meeting of the restored Church of Jesus Christ only had 6 members gathered, and we already have double that!  And it's just gonna boom.  The area is untouched.  And just the nature of the area--the people are unreal humble, and love to listen to stories about Jesus Christ.  It's insane that we're in zozo's, dirt paths, chickens, pigs, and sack cloth soccer balls, and less than 3 miles away are insane nice town houses.  It's like completely different worlds.  But I'm sure glad I get to be a part of this one.  Anyways, we closed the short meeting by singing "The Spirit of God" and man, even though there was only 12, you would have thought it was full.

Now we officially have 5 Clusters in the whole world.  All 5 in Africa.  One in Zimbabwe, four in South Africa--2 in the Roodeport area and 2 in Daveyton.  History in the making!  It's cool, the First Presidency back in SLC knows about the Cluster hype.

Ate alotta red oranges this week.

Also--the Lord protects His missionaries.  I have faith in that after this week.

Elder Cook (from the 12) is coming to speak to us on Thursday.  I'm frothing it should be amazing.  

Also keep the message, story, and reality of the living Christ in your heart this Christmas season, Christ is seriously the Reason for the Season.  Remember Him as you celebrate the most wonderful day of the year.  And share with others the most wonderful message the world's ever heard. 

Ngiyakuthanda muzungus
Mfuetzu Clegg
Area:  Daveyton
Companion:  Elder Stephen Savage  
MOM's NOTE:  CLICK this link to check out this week's experiences in Elder Savages's fun to read both stories and see double the pictures:   StephenSavageSouthAfrica   Plus Elder Savage invented a pingpong table for their flat.  

Visiting a family...the people wanted a picture with them...they are on bikes now most days. 
They love this guy and his cat

Their area is huge and it takes a long time to ride out to it and ride around in it. But they are working hard and getting lots of exercise.

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