Monday, December 1, 2014

#22 Lots and lots going on

The sky is like a painting
Lots and lots going on in Mzanzi.

Month-end in a township is like nothing you've ever seen.  Never been hugged by this many drunk-dudes.

Taught an albino guy this week, that was tight.

The most exciting news is that the Cluster is opening next week, and its gonna boom I already know it.  The area it's located in is a place called Minanawe, and apart from a few strong families, it's virtually untouched by missionaries, it's seriously gonna be so sweet, the only problem is that clear out in the deep township, English is hardly ever spoken.  So I'll have to sharpen up on my tsotsie zulu skills.

Elder Savage from South Jordan
Elder Savage is super sweet, he's 18 years old from South Jordan, went to Herriman last year. Weird to think both he and I just barely graduated high school, and even weirder that teenage mulungus walk daily through this township teaching people.  And the teaching isn't super easy, these people have their go-to Bible verses that they will die for. The book of Revelations is super popular here because it's super whack and crazy.  But we do our best with what we know.  The Book of Mormon is seriously legit. The trick is finding people who are sincere and patient enough to hear us out.

The sky over here looks straight out of a painting, it's off the chain.  Every day this week it rained in the afternoons--scorching hot in the day, rain and walking through mud and flooding roads in the afternoon.
Daveyton Soccer Stadium
Didn't eat anything weird this week.  Well, compared to American standards.  Elder Savage and I had some pumpkin, which is like candy down here-everyone eats it.  We somehow got into Daveyton soccer stadium, which is sweet because it's like Fort Knox, with spikes and barbed wire and everything.  Some security dudes were sitting up at the top and they waved for us to come in when we were walking past.  We were like "tight" and came in and taught them about the Book of Mormon and had a lil look around the stadium.

All is well in South Africa.  Missionary work is super fun if you make it fun.  It's pretty sweet to be part of the Work of Salvation in this corner of the world.

Elder Tanner Clegg
Area:  Daveyton
Companion:  Stephen Savage

“Father in Heaven
Are you really there?
And do you hear and answer
Every child’s prayer?
Some say that hea-ven
Is far away.
But I feel it close around me
As i pray
Heaven-ly Father
I remember now
Some-thing that Jesus told deciples long ago
Suffer the children,
To come to Me.
Father in prayer I’m coming
Unto thee.”

Introducing Elder Savage to the great guys in Daveyton

The streets are always full of cute lil kids

The thunderstorms come very afternoon

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