Monday, November 24, 2014

#21 Kaofela (United)

At the Joburg Temple Saturday with Departing Misisonaries...E Clegg & E Flynn

Elder Bizimania from Rwanda


Keepin in short this week but seriously a week to remember.  Elder Bizimana and Elder Wilkinson are taking off to go home after two years in mZanzi. I’ll miss them both too much, learned a ton from them.

Tender Mercies are real, they’re sometimes hard to explain, but the beauty of them is that they are so personal that only you could understand them. Truly believe that god loves and knows us individually.

I’m pregnant with child this week, meaning im taking on a greenie for this next transfer. I’m seriously stoked, mostly to just see his face at all the backwards crazy things over here compared to the rest of the world. Seriously everything over here is opposite, it’s wild and I’ve somehow kinda gotten used to it just cuz I’ve been here a little while. And I guess God really wants me in Daveyton cuz I’ll be there for like 7 and a half months like eish. Good thing it’s a sick area, hoping that I can play a little part in the gospel taking solid hold here with the new clusters.

Came acrossed a family this week who hasn’t eaten in 3 days, me and my comp just looked at each other and left a few rands on their counter, but the moral is we have it too good back at home, seriously I can’t even imagine walking down normal streets, with houses that have grass in front of it and have roofs with shingles and washers and dryers and heating and air conditioning and walkways and no dogs or rats. And I can’t imagine walking through nice houses without layers of barbed wire and towering electric fences guarding them, seriously SA is wild. But anyway pay your fast offerings. Learning kinda why we even have them in the first place, take advantage of fasting every month at least it’s so worth it.

Not too much more to say, just tender mercies are real and come when we just are trying our best but aren’t seeing too much light. Keep praying for them, and living right so you can see them. Also all the trees here are turning purple, it’s so legit I wish you all could see it, Africa is unreal.

Also we had a special conference yesterday exclusively for the members in Africa, it was so tight. We had Elder Gay, Elder Bednar, and President Uchtdorf speak to us, and you can see the love that they have for this land, and the through the roof potential in store. Elder Bednar bore a powerful testimony concerning Ebolla, he said that although loved ones are dying, and this disease is real and scary, that he promises to us with all the energy of his soul that we will see those people again, that Jesus Christ was resurrected for that reason. It was sweet. 

All three of them gave amazing talks, and they all had a common topic in mind- overcoming the untrue traditions of our fathers to embrace the gospel culture- and how we shouldn’t allow traditions and ancestor stuff and our culture interfere with the gospel culture. All three of them addressed Ebolla, as well as La Bolla. La Bolla has been tough for us as missionaries, essentially what it’s when the male has do buy the daughter from the parents to be able to marry her, and often times that money takes years to build up, and puts them in struggling debt. As missionaries in South Africa, probably the hardest thing we have to do is tell people things they don’t want to hear about their culture, and often times it leads to hard feelings and at times anger. But we can take this into our own life in a sense that although we don’t necessarily have Africa traditions, we need to overcome the traditions of a natural man and become true latter-day saints. 

Elder Uchtdorf offered an amazing promise to Africa- he left us with a blessing saying if we will strive to become faithful desciples, the Evil One will have no power to drag us down. Amazing lil conference, it was cool to hear from the guys at the top that President Monson is pleading with God concerning the welfare of those in this land. He also spoke a lot about equality, that how our skin color, gender, luxury or poverty don’t make a difference to God. How he loves us all reguardless of those things, and that no one is better than another one, which is something we all need to remember sometimes.

Love you all, you’ll hit the slopes for me if you love me.

Elder T Noah Clegg
Area:  Daveyton
Companion:  Geoffrey Wilkinson

also a lil vid of my friend Amo eating chicken bones

African Sky

Cute Lil Kid

"The field is ripe..."

Not sure what they are doing..."thrust in your sickle" pose?

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