Monday, November 17, 2014

#20 Don't Eat The Cow's Brain First

Beauty of the sky in Africa

When you're eating a cow don't start with the brain.  Pick something more letha (nice) like the eyeball. 

This week was off the chain.  Got to experience parts of the cow that I never even thought were edible in my dreams.  TIA this is Africa.  We don't waste anything here, all the way from the tongue to the tail to the hoofs to the bones.   You might wonder what a cowbrain tastes like.  Just imagine rotten hamburger put in a hamster cage, filled with dead hamsters for a year, and then put in a blender and served nice and hot with flies on top.  The smell alone had a license to kill, and the brain is just not the place to start like I did.  But seriously I could not be more greatful for my call to Daveyton, wouldn't have it any other way.  Ama Skoppo.
And the Zulu and Sotho and Xhosa lokals here eat it up like it's candy.  

The rain here is insane.  It turns the streets into muddy red swimming pools, and out in our area most of the roads are dirt.  We almost got our car stuck like 3 times  driving out to a deep township called Minanawe, but it's all good.    The "Cluster" is booming and the new one is about to open.  We literally are just about a couple priesthood leaders short of having enough for a ward, so these cluster things are really helping the sacrament come to the people, which has been amazing to watch.  

Also, a lil spiritual thought for the week:  Alma 29:9-10.  It's when we share the gospel with others that we become deeply converted ourselves.  Cool concept.  Everyone can help out in the work of salvation.  

Driving on the left side of the road is officially second nature, don't even think about it anymore. Also, I haven't gotten a letter since I've been here so that's sweet, blame the quality postal service over here, lotta corruption throughout the government this side.  But a blessed land nonetheless.

I'm dying on the inside because ski season is upon us you lucky dweebs, you better hit that up, I'm seriously so jealous.  I remember always going up to Heber to stay overnight and catch an early chair to shred up the first tracks of the season with the brus.  But now, instead of finding perfect slopestyle runs, it's finding people who need to hear the gospel, and although they both get the stoke high and the froth real, the latter is definitely way more important in the eyes of Heavenly Father.  

"I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, I'll be what you want me to be."  

Sharing these lyrics because to be honest I was so down to answer the Lord's call to BE clear over seas in South Africa.  I was even down to SAY what He wants me to SAY.  But I don't think before I came out here I really wanted to BE what He wants me to BE.  Because it's hard to BE what He wants you to BE, and I was content with the Tanner Clegg I was back at home.  But the beauty of a mission is finds a way to carve a holding place right into your heart, which makes you realize that being how the Lord wants you to be isn't really much of a sacrifice or burden at all.  It's a better, more excellent way.  A privelege to be shaped by the Master.  And I didn't know that till I got out here if I'm honest.  All we have to do is "commend ourselves to the Lord" (Ether 6:4) and let the furious winds (trials) push us towards the Promised Land (Eternal Life).

If you get 10 free minutes, take those minutes and read Ether 6:4-12 and draw parallels to the Jaredites journey and our daily struggles.  It'll be the best 10 minutes you spend all week (unless you hit the slopes).

Love you guys, sorry I've got no time.  I just wish you guys could all experience Africa one day.  It's truly a different world over here.  

God is Good

Unkulunknu nungile
Elder Clegg
Area:  Daveyton
Companion: Geoffrey Wilkinson (goes home in 8 days)

A VIDEO OF TANNER EATING THE COWBRAIN...Hope it works on your computer.  Just click it.

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