Monday, October 27, 2014


Elder Wilkinson with this cute lil girl we get to see a lot

Not really catchy, but keep in mind our seasons are reversed over here.  Rainy season is officially upon us, and man I've never seen a thunderstorm like an African thunderstorm.  The lightening is absolutely amazing - it lights up the entire sky as strike after strike fires through the sky - it is so tight.  It's also a good change from the brown and dry and dust and wind that has been the norm the last couple of months.

Watching conference in the cluster garage

Anyways, as the rain hits MZansi, conference finally hits as well.  We gotta watch conference this week and it was straight nectar.  Never thought I'd watch conference in a little garage in a dusty township in South Africa.  The bishop got ahold of a TV and DVD player so we were able to watch conference in our little Cluster.  LOL hopefully one day there will be a talk in Zulu or something.  I mean we had Cantonese, Spanish and Portugese, so maybe next April.  But seriously conference was off the chain, and it was weird to see so many white people gathered together.

The family we are teaching, the P_____ family (the "t" makes a clicking noise) has 4 kids who want to be baptized.   And their parent, if you will, is a 92 year old Gogo who obviously can't make it to church easily, even though we have a new Cluster close.  So the four kids, ages 15, 14, 12, and 9 dilligently walked through the rain yesterday to make it to conference.  It is super weird, the 9 year old boy reminds me so much of my brother Max back at home.
One of my favorite lil kids who reminds me of MAX

My lil brother MAX
Like if they swapped skin colors you couldn't tell the difference, they both have the same crooked toothy smile.  It was kind of a tender mercy to me, even though I'm 10,000 miles away, but still feeling close to my family.  Weird.  But it was cool, he came to Priesthood session all by himself, a little 9 year old kid, all wet from the rain in a little garage watching Conference in Africa. I hope these kids can find lasting refuge in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Keep them in your prayers.  It's not every day that a group of 4 kids valiantly walk alone to church through the rain because they know they have to be baptized because they want to be like Jesus.   Really touching.

Pic by Liz Lemon

Anyways, I don't have much time.  But I was reading 3rd Nephi 17, just getting a feel for the kinda character Christ had.  But vs, 20-24 bring tears to the eyes.  How Christ ministers to the children and takes them one by one, and blesses them and sends angels to minister unto them in His pure unfailing love.  I don't know if I'm doctrinely correct, or whatever the word is, but we are the children of Christ  in a sense that He died for us, and He ministers and fixes and heals us through mercy and love and compassion via the Atonement.  So, picturing yourself in the shoes of these children, Jesus, in His character, takes us one by one and blesses us literally, and in a sense prays for us to Heavenly Father as we pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.  

And the next step, the ministering of angels I believe is real today.  We, the children, are ministered to by angels descending from heaven.  Kinda learning about the reality of angels on both sides of the veil is mind boggling but pretty tight nonetheless.  But when we learn that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us "perfectly" that kinda bugged me because the word "perfect" felt like it inferred something set.  Like a set standard, logical robotic love to everyone.  But just the simple truth that "Jesus wept" in these scriptures suggests that He has a personality.  And His love goes deeper than just a certain standard called "perfect.  It reaches out to us in a personaly, unconditional, real, compassionate, merciful, human but Godly way.  I believe He loves us on a more personal level than we think.

Anyways, should have a few baptisms coming up so that's always a lil highlight in the mission.  Makes the tougher times pay off.  Learning too much out here that I couldn't learn back home.  You're forced to trust in the enabling power of the Atonement, as well as the guidance of the Holy Ghost while you're out here.  It's all good.

Luv you all.  Can't believe it's almost ski season in like a month. Also can't believe I was at some stupid college party with Bubba a year ago Halloween oblivious that I would be in a township in Africa serving the Lord in a year.  Figures.  

God Bless, Salinigahle
Elder Clegg
Area:  Daveyton
Companion: Elder Geoffrey Wilkinson

"Teach me some melodious sonnet,
Sung by flaming tongues above.
Praise the mount! I'm fixed upon it,
Mount of thy redeeming love."
~Alma 26:36,37~

Thunderstorms and clouds are bringing in November flowers.
MOMMA's NOTE:  If you are interested...we sent some more pop rocks.  So Tanner took some quick videos of his fellow missionary eating them. They are funny...the poprocks hurt him in the back of his head.  If you want to watch...just click the video clip.


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