Monday, October 13, 2014

#15 MOYANA.."Are You Going?"

Visiting FNB Stadium (aka First Nation Bank Stadium, The Calabash or Soccer City):  Home of the Kaizer Chiefs F.C. and  the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  It is also the site of Nelson Mandela's first speech to Johannesburg after his release from prison in 1990 and was the venue for his memorial service in December 2013.

A week to remember. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is officially sanctioning the establishment of a “cluster” in our area of Daveyton, South Africa. The first of it’s kind; a cluster is like essentially a “group” but smaller. You’ve got wards, branches, groups, and now we have a cluster in Daveyton, that will be holding it’s first sacrament meeting next Sunday; October 19, 2014. The church is pioneering forward in Africa, and it’s really kool to be a part of it, specifically in the heart of it in Daveyton. We’ve been told the Area 70 president, President Cook should be coming down to check it out soon. Really exciting, because it means that the people we have grown to love who live clear out in the deep township areas will now be able to get to church. It means that we will be able to start finding and teaching and helping people in places that haven’t been touched yet. Really amazing to be a part of the church innovating and expanding. Keep the Daveyton East Cluster and the African children of God in your prayers.

Oliver & Me at his house
Church was a day to remember. Had my first official baptism from start to finish- this 23 year old guy named Oliver. You develop a certain love for these people. When we first started teaching Oliver, he could speak little English, and didn’t really talk much. We needed his friend, Nature, to be our English-Sotho translator.  It’s amazing to see how he’s blossomed to how he was today. After he was baptized, he bore his testimony and I just started bawling. It was the sweetest and most sincere thing I’ve ever heard. His mom and little sister walked the 8km’s to church to watch his baptism. Oliver then at the end of his testimony in the simplest, sincerest English told us how he is a changed person and he wanted his mom to belong to this church as well. It was cool to feel for a moment that I’ve been a part of something good; Something that made Heavenly Father smile.
Oliver's baptism "Something that made Heavenly Father smile."

 Anyways, stoked for conference in like 2 weeks. My soccer skills have improved since I’ve gotten this side. I’m really good at eating weird parts of the chicken, i think I ate a beak the other day. I don’t have much time, but if I can offer any advice, read Ether chapter 6, verses 4-12. Liken your trials and troubles in your life to the uneasy and furious waves of the ocean. Keep in mind that the storms and troubles, even though huge and daunting, are pushing you towards the promised land. Lots of symbolism and ideas and application you can draw from this lil passage.

Cheers, love and miss you all

Baba Clegg

Area 1: Daveyton
Trainer: Elder Spencer Smith
I love Ronnie so much...(info on him in last week's blogpost at the bottom)
OK...this is it.  It's Tanner asking Ronnie to say "Elder Clegg is the sickest" in one of the many languages he speaks.'s fun to hear Tanner's voice.  Goes about 30 seconds.

My African brothers are the sickest!

A cool text from Oliver the night before his baptism.  Love that kid!

P-day...some of the elders from our zone

Wouldn't be a real soccer field if Tanner didn't do a flip on it

Lehi Soccer almost made it this far... 
Another angle

The walk way...

This is  flippin' in Africa

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