Monday, September 1, 2014


They have nothing but they thank God everyday to just be able to wake up in the morning.

19 years old, I still feel like a little kid.  I remember a year ago on my birthday I was crammed in a car with Grant, Bubba, Mccall, Jakell, Jordan and Preston going down to St. George to climb around and chill.  I would've never imagined that one year later I would be on a mission in Zanzi (South Africa).  Anyways, it's been a crazy crazy week, the rioting has come to a close- allowing us to go back into our area again. The Ebolla disease has been giving us a scare, everyone if you don't mind- pray for this to stop spreading.  I believe that we need missionaries in Africa, because many of our brothers, and Christ's strongest followers and leaders still need to find the gospel over here, so please pray for a miracle.

Something I realized this week- NOBODY is too poor, too rich, too uneducated; too smart for the gospel.  Sometimes in Daveyton we tend to overlook the drunk homeless man in the gutter due to whatever reason- but I learned that we can learn so much from these humble people who have nothing.  They have nothing but they thank God everyday to just be able to wake up in the morning. To be ALIVE. These people thank Him to just even be ALIVE. Man it's an example to me- I've been soooooo blessed.

I've been getting to know my mission president really well- he's sooo tight.  We like doing all the same things- he climbs and skis and lives that Wasatch-front mountain lifestyle it's sick.  Something he said stuck out to me- he told me: "if this really is the greatest message the world has ever heard, we should spare no expense traveling to the ends of the earth to share it with people"

It's truly an honor to be one doing this, and I have to send a shout out and thanks to all my friends entering the field, and who have served missions in the past, or are currently serving. Thank you so much, I have a map in my room with all your guy's names on it- it motivates me a ton.  So thank you.

Also, if you have time- listen to Elder Hollands talk titled "Lord, I Believe." it brings me to tears every time and is so relevant in my life.

Anyways, thanks for all the love and birthday wishes!! Seriously helps me out so much. Love you guys, pray for God's children in Africa. I'll try and attatch some photos in a sec. Love you guys

-Elder Clegg

Area 1: Daveyton
Trainer: Elder Spencer Smith

Not quite sure what he's doing...

Tanner's Birthday Song...I don't know who made the delicious food for him.  But it looks better than chicken feet!

Kinda looks like he's gonna do a flip...this is the high school they painted at

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