Monday, September 29, 2014


Chillin' in the streets of the deeper township...


One of my favorite lil kids
Finally, at last today- Rainy season is upon Africa. The brown savanna is turning green, the leaves are all on the trees, and spring is starting to be is full-swing. The sunsets are jaw-dropping, the clouds are something like celestial haha it’s crazy. Maybe someday I will return with a decent camera. I have my film camera but nowhere in Africa is hipster enough to develop film so I’m kinda stuck there. I just had a couple thoughts  this week that might be able to benifit your lives:

First, eish just wanna say that Nephi is the coolest guy. Faith like Nephi’s can’t just be thrown aside, or disregarded as something that is foolish, or false, or unreasonable. Just wanna illustrate a lil point here- So this is the same Nephi who had faith that he would be able to get the plates from Laban. The same Nephi who built a boat to sail acrossed the ocean to the promised land. And in 2nd Nephi, chapter 33 verse 12 we read Nephi saying: “And I pray the Father in the name of Christ that many of us, if not ALL, may be saved in his kingdom at that great and last day.”  Really this scripture inspires me to have more hope, more faith. Nephi never had faith in vain; no matter how far-fetched the things he did seemed to Laman and Lemuel, they always got done, so it’s just a thought, that we should be hopeful and live our lives in a manner that many of us, if not all will someday return to our Father in Heaven. Give people the benifit of the doubt. Don’t judge on outside apperance. These are just a couple things I’ve been learning out here that I think can help us all. Have faith like Nephi, because nothing is impossible for those who believe in Christ, and listen and follow his invitation to “come follow me”.

Next, It’s when we are coming unto Christ that we notice the imperfections and blemishes in ourselves. It’s through this rigorus cleansing process of following Christ we realize that we as individuals fall so short of the “glory of God”

You might ask “why should I follow Him?” and that answer is plain and simple; He’s struggled and suffered through all of our personal climbs to Calvary so-to-speak. The only way He can be justified in telling us that even when we are in the midst of our personal crisises: “Be not afraid, only believe” is if He, in fact, experienced them as well. That’s why He has reason to council us to follow Him.

Lil kids in Mayfield
 Also, this week I had a touching experience, we found a less-active family, clear out in the boonies in some deep township. It’s a family of 16, living in a two-room house smaller than a decent-sized living room. There is no father in the house, just a 91 year-old gogo and about a 50 year old mama, who provides for the family, but is currently out of a job. They rely on government grants to feed them, but go hungry and have no food for one week out of the month. Our church is really so good, we are believing that the welfare program will be able to reach out and bless the lives of these humble people. The mama said something that stuck in my mind. “Even though all of this is happening, I still believe” Reminded me of the lil scripture in Mark- “Be not afraid, only believe.” Something we can all take to heart. In this life, we all face different struggles. Whether it be hunger, depression, addiction, rejection, sorrow. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual you name it. But the thing that Jesus says to us is “Be not afraid, only believe” We are to trust in Him, even though it sometimes seems hard, I believe that one of the best ways we can show we believe is simply through prayer. When you pray, straight up just talk to Heavenly Father. I’ve never prayed so much since I got this side, remember the song “don’t forget to pray”  Love all you guys too much. 

Cheers mhlegazz
 Elder Clegg

Area 1: Daveyton
Trainer: Elder Spencer Smith

Lil kids who love us in Mayfield

School for the kids

Fast food...not quite McDonalds
Elder Smith and our friends in the township

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Tanner is such a good writer and great at sharing his feelings. We are so blessed to have the gospel. So So Blessed!