Monday, August 11, 2014



  1. Julianne and Elder Clegg,
    We have many shoes that we'd like to send over to the mission for Tanner to pass out. How can we do that? How could we get them there? Would they get stolen in the mail? Or could we drop at MTC specifically for missionaries coming to his mission? Each mish could pack one or two pairs in their luggage? I don't know, but as Africa is my #1 place to serve missions in future, I want to send them to him. Let's figure this out! :) Robyn (Machan) Buckwalter, Herriman, UT 801-696-6900,

  2. I don't know...let's find out. The missionaries go to the South Africa MTC and meet up's an English Speaking MTC. Let me see what I can find out...if it's been done. I do know one friend who's son is in Capetown, his shoes were stolen there, so his mom sent him 1 in one package and 1 in another so they wouldn't be stolen. But let's see what asking would dig up. It would be really cool.

  3. I was wondering about shoes, too. Please let me know what you find out.