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This lil african kid waves to my Utah friends.

First off, I just wanna ask you guys if you have any kool pictures of us doing fun stuff back in the States, it would be unreal tight if you could print them out and send them to me in a letter. anyways-

Learning learning learning.  What an experience.  When your dreams turn from home, to Africa, back to home again you know you have started to adapt a lil bit at least.  Gonna start off w/ a couple of experiences.  The people who we teach are extremely poor. like dirt poor- I feel bad flaunting a shirt and tie because I wish I could just give it to them.  Anyways, we were teaching this old gogo (grandma) who has basically nothing.  She told us about how her family used to starve for days. Through broken english, because sutu was her main language, she pointed to her pocket and said that she was poor, she only had like one or two rands in her pocket (20 cents), then, grabbing her beaten copy of the Book of Mormon from her floor, she hugged it close and said, "because of this book, I'm rich."  Really touching, at least to me.  I've wondered personally why Heavenly Father has children in Africa, who suffer to even find food water, to find the essentials daily.  But, we all face different challenges in our life, whether they be physical, financial, mental, spiritual.  And we can all find common ground with the gospel.  I'm learning that love is able to fix just about any problem that you encounter; Any challenge can be resolved through the Atonement of Christ, is what I believe.

I had kinda a new insight, you could say; The other day.  When I was sitting at church, with all my African bros and sisters, I came to a realization that I think is valid.  I dunno about you guys- but to me, the whole "fire and brimstone" or "cast out of the presence of Heavenly Father" scares the daylights out of me.  Kinda daunting, makes me feel scared I guess.  But, I was thinking, the commandments and the scriptures say things to us black and white; if you do this, you get this.  if you don't do this, you get this, etc.  But the problem is, that we as people are grey. We all inevitably make mistakes every single stinking day.  We are gray. Heavenly Father knows that.  Because we are grey, he sent his son, Jesus Christ.  So we can have true joy. We are told that every aspect of the gospel is an appendage to the Atonement.  At least for me, the Atonement gives me hope.  Someone who sins all the time, who is far from perfect, an idiot from america- has hope because of the atonement.  Anyways, sorry to get all spiritual on you.  I'll send a couple pics from Africa to hopefully enlighten your day.  Love you guys.

Also it was weird on sunday to see another white person besides my comp at church.  He happened to be the Africa area 70 president, President Cook!! He came and talked to us missionaries about opening some new branches in a place called mayfield, and Chris Hanni.  The members that live there are too poor to afford a taxi, and they have to walk over 8 kilometers to get to church.  These people are powerful, willing to walk miles through smoke, rats, trash and dirt to get to church.  We believe opening new branches by them would increase member attendance.  Keep mayfield and Kris Hanni in your prayers!!


Area 1: Daveyton
Trainer: Elder Spencer Smith

And this is what a township looks like in the winter, sorry these pictures aren't that good, I can only pull my camera out for a split second when no ones looking or it will get stolen.

More pix of the township

Elder Clegg in his favorite sweater from Derik
If you want to send Tanner any pictures/letters, here is the address:
Elder Tanner Noah Clegg
South Africa JOhannesburg Mission
Private Bag X4
South Africa
The 4 elders who share an apartment and work Daveyton.  Elder Kewuti, Clegg, Bizimana, & Smith
Super weird pix of the same Elders

Water spigot...for water for the houses

Elder Kewuti from Capetown

Mom's note:  I was able to get some pix this week so I've dispersed some in the older blog a few on the day they had the 12 hour layover in England and went sight seeing.  Look through them if you'd like to see some more shots of his mission and companions and stuff.  

As always, thanks for supporting Tanner.  He can use any prayers you offer his way.  He's loving it and his companion and the people, and he's learning a lot.  But it's dangerous and it's hard as all missions are.  See you next week!
The mom

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