Sunday, July 20, 2014

#3. The Week without a P-day Letter

This picture is by Terry awesome friend of Tanner's who leaves for Spain (or jail) on Wednesday.

This week Tanner will officially start his mission in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission.  We don't think we'll get a I'm posting for him. 

His awesome new Mission President Michael Dunn and his wife Linda Dunn will meet him on Tuesday, July 22.  They will hopefully give him a hug from me and he will get his companion and be sent out to a zone.  I've been praying like crazy that he will be put with the right trainer and right area for him.  His Mission Presidents are awesome.  I've been in contact with them since they were announced and Tanner got his mission call.  They have a lot in common with Tanner.  President Dunn is an avid biker, was in the news for being mauled by a bear & recovering in Yellowstone park in 1992, and even played soccer at East High School years ago and has spent much of his career in video/tv production, which has become Tanner's newest passion.  I know he will love them and vice versa.  They have an awesome blog if you want to watch the mission from a fresh set of eyes.  I stole one of their pictures from facebook for you to see one of their days just this past week. 

PC Dunn's facebook post this week

The MTC President's wife sent a message that all of the Missionaries from the MTC had headed out successfully to either Zambia or Johannesburg.    She said:

Greetings from the South Africa MTC

Your Elder is now either in the Joburg Mission or the Zambia Mission.  It was difficult to say goodbye to such an outstanding group.  I miss them already. 

I thought you might like to have these photos.  One from our trip to the Temple and the other one is the group photo that goes up on our board.  Sure do love those Elders.  I know they are going to be the best they can be and a great blessing to their missions.

With Love,
Sister Collins

Anyway, we thank all of you who love and support Tanner.  I know he wouldn't be where he was without his awesome friends and family behind him, and any prayers you offer on his behalf.  When he left, he made necklaces for his buds.  If you are one of his friends, and didn't get one, contact me, we have more.  He called it the "Zulu necklace".  It's simple, but it's his style.  So over and out in the words of Tanner.

Ungakhohlwa ngoKRISTU
"Remember Christ"

PC Terry Bailey again...the friend who took the Donut,the hubcap & the picture!  We love you!

Letter from the Mission President Dunn:  July 23, 2014
Dear Brother and Sister Clegg:
Just wanted to let you know that we received your wonderful son into the South Africa Johannesburg Mission yesterday morning.
I’m also delighted to report that we had a great interview, orientation and training, and he seems to be doing very well as he officially begins his service here in South Africa. He has been assigned an outstanding companion and proselyting area, and is doing the Lord’s work as we speak. I am mailing off to you a letter with details about his first assignment on his mission, along with my expectations for him. I wanted you to have this so you can be aware of what he will be doing and also be supportive of his critical first 12 weeks of training both in your weekly emails and in your daily prayers in his behalf.
Attached please find some images of your son as he left the MTC, a photo of him with Sister Dunn and myself, and a picture of him with his new companion, Elder Smith.
Please know that Sister Dunn and I love your son and will do all we can to make sure he has a wonderful experience as he brings the light, truth and happiness of the restored Gospel to the great people of South Africa.
With all best wishes,
Michael A. Dunn
Tanner with his Mission President Dunn & wife Linda from Mill Creek area in SLC

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