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#3. The Week without a P-day Letter

This picture is by Terry awesome friend of Tanner's who leaves for Spain (or jail) on Wednesday.

This week Tanner will officially start his mission in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission.  We don't think we'll get a I'm posting for him. 

His awesome new Mission President Michael Dunn and his wife Linda Dunn will meet him on Tuesday, July 22.  They will hopefully give him a hug from me and he will get his companion and be sent out to a zone.  I've been praying like crazy that he will be put with the right trainer and right area for him.  His Mission Presidents are awesome.  I've been in contact with them since they were announced and Tanner got his mission call.  They have a lot in common with Tanner.  President Dunn is an avid biker, was in the news for being mauled by a bear & recovering in Yellowstone park in 1992, and even played soccer at East High School years ago and has spent much of his career in video/tv production, which has become Tanner's newest passion.  I know he will love them and vice versa.  They have an awesome blog if you want to watch the mission from a fresh set of eyes.  I stole one of their pictures from facebook for you to see one of their days just this past week. 

PC Dunn's facebook post this week

The MTC President's wife sent a message that all of the Missionaries from the MTC had headed out successfully to either Zambia or Johannesburg.    She said:

Greetings from the South Africa MTC

Your Elder is now either in the Joburg Mission or the Zambia Mission.  It was difficult to say goodbye to such an outstanding group.  I miss them already. 

I thought you might like to have these photos.  One from our trip to the Temple and the other one is the group photo that goes up on our board.  Sure do love those Elders.  I know they are going to be the best they can be and a great blessing to their missions.

With Love,
Sister Collins

Anyway, we thank all of you who love and support Tanner.  I know he wouldn't be where he was without his awesome friends and family behind him, and any prayers you offer on his behalf.  When he left, he made necklaces for his buds.  If you are one of his friends, and didn't get one, contact me, we have more.  He called it the "Zulu necklace".  It's simple, but it's his style.  So over and out in the words of Tanner.

Ungakhohlwa ngoKRISTU
"Remember Christ"

PC Terry Bailey again...the friend who took the Donut,the hubcap & the picture!  We love you!

Letter from the Mission President Dunn:  July 23, 2014
Dear Brother and Sister Clegg:
Just wanted to let you know that we received your wonderful son into the South Africa Johannesburg Mission yesterday morning.
I’m also delighted to report that we had a great interview, orientation and training, and he seems to be doing very well as he officially begins his service here in South Africa. He has been assigned an outstanding companion and proselyting area, and is doing the Lord’s work as we speak. I am mailing off to you a letter with details about his first assignment on his mission, along with my expectations for him. I wanted you to have this so you can be aware of what he will be doing and also be supportive of his critical first 12 weeks of training both in your weekly emails and in your daily prayers in his behalf.
Attached please find some images of your son as he left the MTC, a photo of him with Sister Dunn and myself, and a picture of him with his new companion, Elder Smith.
Please know that Sister Dunn and I love your son and will do all we can to make sure he has a wonderful experience as he brings the light, truth and happiness of the restored Gospel to the great people of South Africa.
With all best wishes,
Michael A. Dunn
Tanner with his Mission President Dunn & wife Linda from Mill Creek area in SLC

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I never realized how valuable sleeping is until I came to this place.  Enjoy not being jet lagged.  For the past week and a half I've only gotten a couple hours of sleep every night, it's super rough, especially cuz we are stuck inside this place that we've nicknamed "spirit prison" appropriately.  It's great, I've learn loads.  But not gonna lie it's tough.  I guess the thought of two years is kinda daunting.  Mix that with weird food and no sleep and it's a lil bit of a bumpy start.  It's okay though, I'm excited out of my mind to experience the culture.  It's crazy, like our MTC co-presidents say certain words in our spiritual lessons that back in America we like to call "swear words" as well as all the other foreign missionaries here.  It is just different.  My companion is this 21 year old scottish dude.  He is a great guy, great testimony, and sings opera Scottish songs all the time,  I get called out for my "Improper English" on a daily basis but he is a great guy in the end.  Couldn't really ask for more. 

Like I said it's different over here.  You can't trust people, with gold and diamond mines going under, it's left this country with a unemployment rate above 30%.  It's sad, but with more unemployment comes more crime.  The sister missionaries aren't allowed in here so I won't have to worry about getting hitched to a sister in the mission field (brother butler).  But anyways, we had to have a few classes on what to do if we get mugged, windows in cars get smashed(smash and grab), or if someone tries to hijack our car.  They say you generally won't get hurt if you comply and give them your money and stuff, but people in Africa don't really have a ton of respect for missionaries.  You can't really blame them, they're just tryna survive.  We have it so good.  Africa is absolutely beautiful.  But there is alot of evil surrounding it.  A lot of ugly things that happen here. But we must remember that even out of the ugliest vilest backgrounds, come the most beautiful people.  There are Amazing people clear over here in Africa.  I guess I'll be here for two years finding them.  For all you future elders/sister missionaries out there: the MTC is tough.  You feel like you must know everything.  If I could offer any advice, it's to just be yourself.  The lord needs all of US because of who WE are.  There will be people who are smarter, more spiritual, faster learning, more emotionly stable, better looking, etc.  But we are all on the same team.  If you have any time, start reading in Mosiah 17.  Sometimes in the mtc, we get (at least me) too concerned with knowing docterine, every scripture etc. I dunno, this story gives me comfort, and strength.  They were preaching to the lamanites, I'm preaching to the South Africans.  We all have our lamanites waiting for us.  Even though, it may seem daunting, difficult, or scary- 1st Nephi 3:7.  Remember that.  I'm tryna memorize it in zulu- apparently a language that I'll have to pick up.  Thanks for all the support.  I love you guys. Also mom where is my power converter and driving record thing? I'll be driving on the left side of the roads here pretty soon.  God bless.  Be yourself, because Heavenly Father loves yourself.
-Elder Clegg
Area:  Johannesburg MTC
MTC Companion:  Elder McCartney

ps playing soccer in Africa with New Zealanders is meannnnn (sick).

Tanner's 1st day in Johannesburg and Elder Ruekhart's last day

Elder Clegg met Elder Menendez

Not sure which is his companion...but this is the group that arrived last Thursday, July 10.


First, if you are reading this, thanks for supporting my son and being his friend or his relative or whoever you are.  He wouldn't be where he was without the support behind him.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The MTC lasts for 12 days.  On July 22, the 13 missionaries in the MTC will be dispersed to their English speaking missions throughout Africa.  Tanner will be picked up by the AP's in the Johannesburg Mission.  He will go to the MIssion Office (which is a part of the MTC complex) and he will meet his new MIssion President and his wife (Michael & Linda Dunn who just arrived 3 weeks ago).  Then he will be assigned a companion.  I am not certain if he spend the night at the mission home and then heads out to his new zone  Or if he goes straight out.

P-Day.  Still don't know which day it will be...Monday or Tuesday?  Just know he can't write for about 2 weeks because next week he will be in the middle of a "transfer".  The following week he should get a little computer time.  

His MTC Companion is Scottish.  The others in the MTC are from new zealand, ugandan, ghanian, and australian elders. 

If you want to be on his email list, email me your email address at

If you want to send him a letter or a package here is his info:
Elder Tanner Noah Clegg
South Africa JOhannesburg Mission
Private Bag X4
South Africa

A package is a little different so contact me and I can give you info.  And his mission is part of the pouch system.  If you want the info on that , email me.  

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#1. 44 Hours to South Africa...

PC Good friend Sterling Smith at the Salt Flats

Wow. This is absolutely insane. I know that people are all like "you shouldn't call your mission an adventure" or whatever but seriously, that's exactly what it's been.

So it started out Tuesday, in the SLC airport, I met up with 3 other Elders going to Africa who are pretty tight. Anyway, we hopped on the plane for Chicago, and I got to teach a lady from New York a lil about the Gospel that sat next to me.  She seemed super interested in the temple, so I showed her and told her she could go there for any questions.

So we landed in Chicago and had a 5 hour layover. Hopped on a long plane ride to London. Slept a lil bit and landed in London early in the morning. I'll post pictures later but we went into the city and saw all the hisoric sights, it was pretty tight but the best part was when we were on the underground train, this Turkish guy sat by us and we started talking to him. Somehow it got brought up that he had two little daughters back at home, so a light bulb went off and we showed them pictures of our families, then he showed us pictures of his. I was like, "Wow, I'm sure you sure love them lots don't you?" He said, "Yeah, of course I do." We kind of got on the subject of the Gospel. I was like "you know, my favorite part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that I know I can live with my family forever." He kind of took some interest, and seemed to be really touched. We kept talking, and at the end he was like here's a business card if you ever wanna contact me. So another lightbulb went off and I was like well here's a Book of Mormon with my email in it if you ever wanna contact me. Kinda cool, he said "I'll keep this forever". It's already starting.

London Airport, we were sitting waiting for our flight to Johannesburg- this super ripped guy came and sat by us. I got talking to him, and come to find out he's a South African cage fighter, who was competing in Vegas and was now heading home to SA. I talked with him tons, and ended up giving him my information if he ever wanted to talk or whatev
er. Also he was like, "Yo, if you need any help w/street smarts and slang etc., I gotchu bru." They say BRU here. I don't have much time, but already I'm kind of seeing that this Gospel is amazing. I can't tell you how many people headed to South Africa told me I was crazy for going, because it's dangerous, and everyone already is so deeply rooted in their culture that they don't wanna change, but I had an interview today and was told to take Africa as a challenge. The work is tough over here, but you gotta realize that it's not you doing the teaching. Also, Africa is absolutely mindblowing I gotta watch the sun rise over Zambia on the way here, something I'll never forget. I'll attach pictures of all this next week. There's only 12 of of us in the MTC over here, really awesome. Anyway, sorry I don't have any time. Miss you guys, it's crazy weird over here, smoke, random dudes peeing on the sides of the roads. People walking on the freeways, trying to take your stuff. But I have no doubt we will be protected. We have a message for the world. Love you guys!

-Elder Tanner Clegg
Area:  Johannesburg MTC
Companion:  Elder McCartney (from Scotland)

Took the "Tube" into London to see some of the sights.
Trying to make the "guard smile"...didn't work

Trying to call home..didn't work either

Tanner arrived.  In front of the Johannesburg Temple